Lustinun Tigera) Who's this?

Samantha) Tigera...

( Alexandria falls asleep )

Lustinun Tigera) I know...

Samantha) *Stops rocking Alexandria* It feels good with you back...

Lustinun Tigera) I know...I missed you

Samantha) Me too

( Alexandria wakes up )

Lustinun Tigera) And Wolfgang's sleeping...

Samantha) *Looks at Wolfgang* Guess so


Samantha) *Rocks Alexandria again* It's okay...

Lustinun Tigera) Who's this?

Samantha) Tigera, this is my youngest child, Alexandria

Lustinun Tigera) Hi Alexandria

( Alexandria sleeps )

Samantha) ...We'll have to introduce you to her, later...

Lustinun Tigera) Okay...Jenna's awake, right?

Samantha) If so, she's awfully quiet...

Jenna) Hi mama

Samantha) Hi Jenna...*Waves Tigera over and turns around*

( Tigera flies over to Samantha's shoulder )

Lustinun Tigera) Hi Jenna

Jenna) *Head leans down* Hi

Samantha) Jenna, this is Tigera

Jenna) Hi Tiga...

By Arric...

Sara) Should I?

Arric) Your choice

Sara) Samantha and Wolfgang do need time to take care of Alexandria and Jenna, so I'm going to see if I can't get May, Christian, and Ray with me...

Arric) Okay

Sara) But, I'll try that tomorrow...

Arric) Okay

Sara) Anyways...I'll see you later

Arric) Okay Mom...

Sara) Bye *Opens frontdoor, shuts door, and leaves*

Arric) Well...

Bling) Sorry Arric, but she was annoying

Arric) It's just because she doesn't have anyone to talk to...I'm open, so she talks to me

Hiriger) Good thing

Bling) She looks kind-of ugly to me...

Hiriger) Yeah, she needs to at least put her hair in a pony tail or something

Bling) I don't think that would be a good idea...

Arric) Can you guys stop talking about my mom...-_-

Bling) What...WHY!

Arric) I say so...

Hiriger) She definitely needs a pony tail...

Arric) Hiriger...

Hiriger) ...

Bling) A pony tail just wouldn't work...

Arric) Bling, my mom is a young, skinny, brown-haired female with great looks...

Bling) Says the guy with no girl yet...Samantha's way better than you!

Arric) ...She is

Bling) And I'm better than her

Arric) Well, I'm better than you, so you aren't better than my sister

Bling) Than I'm better than your mom

Arric) No, my Mom's better than you because I'm better than you

???) *Appears behind Arric* Arric, your mom? She was dead...

Arric) *Eyes open widely* Tigator!

Osbyss Tigator) You know what...I have to see your mother soon

Bling) She's ug-

Osbyss Tigator) LISTEN TO ME!

Bling) ...


Bling) ...

Osbyss Tigator) Arric, you need a girlfriend and I need you to explain what has happened...

Arric) Well, this is my newest bakugan...Hiriger

Hiriger) Hi

Osbyss Tigator) Hi, I challenge you to a brawl

Bling) You mean Hiriger and me vs. you...

Osbyss Tigator) YEAH!

Bling) And I'll beat you up...

Osbyss Tigator) We'll see

Arric) Actually, Tigator...We'll give you a bigger challenge...Like...You on 10

Osbyss Tigator) THERE WE GO!

Arric) Maybe we'll get Volf in

Osbyss Tigator) Oh please, YES!

Arric) Sure

Osbyss Tigator) But, we need to find you a girlfriend who you'll marry and have kids with

Arric) No, I like being single...

Osbyss Tigator) TOO BAD!

Arric) Yes sir!

Osbyss Tigator) Good

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