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Harterym vs. Meteonoid has started a few minutes ago.

( Meteonoid slides backwards on his feet )

Harterym) Pretty impressive

( Meteonoid wipes white dust off his shoulder )

DF) Ability Activate! Darkstruction! ( Shadow Meteonoid fires a dark comet-like figure from his palms )

( Meteonoid releases a comet towards Harterym's left shoulder )

( Harterym's left shoulder separates )

( Meteonoid releases another comet towards Harterym's right shoulder )

( Harterym releases a blast of white spheres from her right arm )

( The spheres tear the comet apart )

( Harterym's body pulls back together after the first comet is far away )

Harterym) Okay *White spheres leave Harterym's body and move towards Meteonoid*

DF) Ability Activate! Ching Black! ( Chains leaves Shadow Meteonoid's palms and wrap around the opponent )

( Meteonoid releases chains from his palms )

( The chains wrap around all the white spheres moving towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid slams the chains onto the ground )

( The white spheres turn to dust )

Harterym) ...*Turns to Moonlight* Looks like I have to change my style...

( Meteonoid swings his palm )

( The chains whip towards Moonlight )

( Moonlight puts her two full moon shields in-front of her for protection )

( Meteonoid's chains crash )

( Moonlight's shields glow and release a beam )

DF) Ultimate Ability Activate! Shadowling Destrobeam! ( Shadow Meteonoid creates a beam and fires it at its opponent )

( Meteonoid creates a beam and fires it from his mouth )


( Both beams collide )

( Smoke covers the battlefield )

DF) Ability Activate! Shadow Beatings! ( Shadow Meteonoid beats the opponent down, using the shadows )

( Shadows appear in the cloudy smoke around Moonlight )

<DF) Meteonoid, stay put>

<Shadow Meteonoid) I thought this would be hard...This is kind-of too easy>

<DF) "Slow and steady wins the race">

<Shadow Meteonoid) And that's obviously our plan>

( Shadows throw punches on Moonlight )

( Moonlight blocks with her shields )

( A white flash appears )

( Meteonoid lays on the ground )

DF) ...

( White spheres move towards Meteonoid )

DF) *Sweating* Ability Activate! Dark Discussion! ( Shadow Meteonoid disappears into shadows )

( Meteonoid disappears )

( The white spheres stop moving and return to Harterym )

DF) ...Phew...*Wipes head*

( Meteonoid appears behind Harterym yards )

DF) Ultimate Ability Activate! Ultimate Destruction! ( Shadow Meteonoid releases a beam of tremendous size and power that engulfs the opponent in shadows )

( Meteonoid's mouth charges with his beam )

( White spheres leave Harterym's back and move towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid continues charging )

( White spheres crash into Meteonoid )

( Harterym walks towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid's mouth glows a bright black )

( Harterym punches Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid doesn't move and almost looks invincible )

<Shadow Meteonoid) Geez, that hurt!>

<DF) But you're okay?>

<Shadow Meteonoid) Yep>

( Meteonoid's mouth starts to overflow with power )

( Harterym punches Meteonoid again )

( Meteonoid remains still )

<Shadow Meteonoid) THIS BETTER HURRY UP!>

( Harterym throws a third punch )

( Meteonoid starts to slip backwards )

Harterym) You did great, you surely passed, but...*Releases a beam from her hands*

( Meteonoid disappears and appears further from Harterym )

( Harterym's beam races towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid still charges with the power's overflow rising )

( The beam gets closer )

( Meteonoid still charges )

( The beam is inches away from Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid still charges )


( Meteonoid gets hit )

( Meteonoid appears yards away from Harterym )

<Shadow Meteonoid) Surprise, surprise!>

( Meteonoid releases a beam the size of Harterym )

( Harterym doesn't pay attention )

( The beam quickly becomes inches from Harterym )

( Harterym's body separates )

( The beam passes by Harterym )

<Shadow Meteonoid) WHAT!>

<DF) Don't worry!>

DF) Sacred Ability Activate! Shadow Dimensions! ( Shadow Meteonoid's body disappears into the opponents shadow that swirls like a whirlpool. The opponent gets sucked it, enters a black zone, and comes up in a square pyramid that explodes )

( A shadow turns to a whirlpool under Harterym's disordered body )

( The whirlpool creates a vortex )

( Sevenity-five percent of Harterym's body doesn't enter the whirlpool, while twenty-five percent does )

( More of Harterym's body suddenly falls in )

DF) Ability Activate! Shadow Fackle! ( Shadow Meteonoid creates chains that hold an opponent still )

( Chains come from the ground and wrap around every sphere remaining )

( Pieces of Harterym's body leave the vortex and explode )

( White dust erupts )

( Thousands of white spheres explode, some explode in chain reactions )


( Harterym appears behind Meteonoid )

Harterym) Good job, four out of four, twelve over twelve...Meet evolution...

( A white flash appears )

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