Now that DF and Meteonoid have overcame Val and Preptoroid; Volf and Wolfgang come...

Harterym) Okay, there's a slight change in plans...

DF) Please no Volf...PLEASE NO VOLF!

Harterym) You still face Volf


Harterym) But, Wolfgang isn't going to be around

DF) *Smiles* Why not?

Harterym) He needs a rest, in my mind...

DF) Like Nintendo

Harterym) Guess so

DF) Why does Wolfgang need a rest, anyways?

Harterym) His emotions are high...Too high...I thought bringing him here would lower that pain, but...He really needs a break to pull himself together

DF) Okay

( Volf appears )

DF) So...How long until Volf appears?

Harterym) She's al-


( Meteonoid flies backwards )

( Volf releases a ruby pulse )

DF) Ability Activate! Darkstruction! ( Shadow Meteonoid fires a dark comet-like figure from his palms )

( Meteonoid releases a comet-like figure from his palms )

( The comet collides with the ruby pulse )

( The ruby pulse bursts into flames and covers the comet )

( Volf crashes into the comet with a diamond body and unexpectedly enters a portal )

( The comet shoots towards Meteonoid )

DF) Ability Activate! Dark Discussion! ( Shadow Meteonoid disappears into shadows )

( Meteonoid disappears and appears passed the burning comet )


( Volf crashes into Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid flies upwards )

( Volf enters another portal and appears above Meteonoid, charging )

( Meteonoid disappears )

( Volf flies to the ground and stomps )

( The ground starts to shake )

( Meteonoid appears right above Volf )

DF) Ability Activate! Phantom Slash! ( Shadow Meteonoid slashes the opponent with another slash blasting the opponent )

( Meteonoid spins and slashes )


( The shadowy slash explodes with no Volf, but a shattered Volf )

( An opal pulse hits Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid crashes into the ground )

( Shadows grow around Meteonoid )

( Volf spins in a drill motion and charges towards Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid releases a comet from his palms )

( Volf enters another portal and returns from below Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid shoots into the air as Volf still spins in a drill motion towards him )

DF) Ability Activate! Ching Black! ( Chains leaves Meteonoid's palms and wrap around the opponent )

( Meteonoid charges his palms with shadows )

( Volf gets closer )

( Meteonoid spins around and releases chains from his palms )

( Volf spins into them and gets caught and falls )

( A portal opens )

Shadow Meteonoid) OH NO YOU DON'T! *Pulls*

( Meteonoid throws Volf away from the portal and onto the ground )

( Pillars rise from the ground )

( Meteonoid lands a few feet from Volf )

DF) Ultimate Ability Activate! Shadowling Destrobeam! ( Shadow Meteonoid creates a beam and fires it at its opponent )

( Meteonoid releases a beam from his mouth )

( Volf enters a portal )

( The beam enters a portal )

( Meteonoid follows in )

( Volf leaves the portal )


( Volf gets hit by the beam )

( Volf falls to the ground as the pillars almost raise completely )

DF) Ultimate Ability Activate! Cosmic Crashbeam! ( Shadow Meteonoid fires an image of himself, followed by a beam, towards the opponent )

Shadow Meteonoid) Harterym, this better be a four!

( Harterym watches on )

( Meteonoid releases a image of himself at Volf and releases a beam from behind the image )


( Volf takes 100% of the beams power, laying still )

( The nine pillars spark with electricity of one Crystalic Attribute each )

Crysemtion Volf) AHAHAHA! NOT BAD! *Tries to get up, but can't* ...D*MN IT!

Shadow Meteonoid) Looks like I win!

Crysemtion Volf) NOT REALLY!

( Electricity shoots from the nine pillars )

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