Moments later...

Crysemtion Volf) And whom are you two?

??? 1) Aids to Harterym,

??? 2) The Helpers;

??? 1) Do you really want to know?

Crysemtion Volf) Yeah

??? 2) I like babies...

Crysemtion Volf) Okay...

??? 2) They're so cute

Ice) Wolfgang has two children

??? 2) *Cheerful* I KNOW! Harterym told me!

??? 1) She gets geared and happy...A lot...

( ??? 2 licks ??? 1 )

??? 1) *Twitching* She does that too...

??? 2) ICY!

Crysemtion Volf) O-kay...

( ??? 1 stares from the corner of her eyes, at ??? 2 )

( ??? 2 tries to lick ??? 1 again )


??? 2) *Sad* Aww...

Crysemtion Volf) Anyways...Who are you?

??? 2) *Glad* I'm Chilly!

??? 1) No, you're not Chilly...You're not even cold...

??? 2) *Depressed* Aww...

??? 1) I'm freezing cold, so very blue...I'm Crystalic Ice, Culburym, at your service!

??? 2) I'm from space, I love babies...and ice...and stars...and space...and-

Crysemtion) And I like get it...

??? 2) *Angered* I'm Crystalic Cosmic, Comosa...*Shines bright*

Wolfgang) MY EYES! TOO BRIGHT...TURN THE LIGHT OFF! *Rolls over*

Crysemtion Volf) *Puts paw on Wolfgang* We're not going in that fissure again...

Wolfgang) What do you mean?

Crysemtion Volf) Roll my way...*Lifts paw off Wolfgang*

Wolfgang) *Rolls towards Volf* AHH! TOO BRIGHT!

Crysemtion Volf) Comosa...

Comosa) *Depressed* I know...*Body dulls up*

Wolfgang) Okay...*Opens eyes* Um...Hi?

Comosa) *Cheerful* HI! MY NAME'S COMOSA! *Shines brightly*

Wolfgang) *Covers eyes* ENOUGH WITH THE LIGHT! DX

Comosa) *Angered with red shine* You're a jerk...*Dulls up*

Ice) Ow...

Comosa) *Cheerful* MY NAME'S COMOSA...WHAT'S YOURS? *Shining*

Wolfgang) WHAT THE HECK! *Covering eyes*


Comosa) *Cheerful* Hi Bright!

Ice) I mean...You're too bright!

Comosa) Why thank you, I know...I'm extremely smart...

Ice) No...I mean by light...

Comosa) *Sad with dullness* Oh...*Angered with red shine* JERK!...

Ice) My name's...

( Volf nods no )

Ice) My name was PG, but it's now...Ice...

Comosa) *Shining brightly with cheer* OMG! *Licks Ice* I LIKE ICE!

Ice) O_O *Runs away* OH <BEEP> NO!

Culburym) I know...She better run...*Gets licked* OMG! WHAT THE HECK! NO LICKING ME!

Comosa) *Shines red with anger* JERK!

Wolfgang) *Hands on head* Volf, what the <beep> is going on?

Crysemtion Volf) Other than your h*ll, life as usual...

Wolfgang) Okay

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