30 minutes later, Wolfgang, Samantha, Jenna, May, Persona, Crystal, and Ray are all at the table...

Christian) BACON!!!! *Runs out of the hallway, through the living room, and jumps into his seat*

Wolfgang) Christian...

Christian) Yes?

Wolfgang) Please don't do that to the seats...

Christian) Okay...

Samantha) Jenna...*Opens mouth*

Jenna) *Looks back at Samantha* MAMA!

Samantha) Yeah...*Opens mouth again*

( Jenna opens her mouth )

( Samantha puts the spoon in her mouth )

( Jenna closes her mouth )

Samantha) Good...*Removes spoon from Jenna's mouth and dips it back into the baby food*

Wolfgang) Ugh...

( Wolfgang turns the TV on and starts munching on bacon with his head down )

Reporter 1) As we reported yesterday, it's been reported that Wolf and Serenity were murdered with blood and "R.I.P" messages left at the scene.

Persona) *Eyes get huge and drops fork* ...

Christian and Ray) Dad...

Crystal and May) Mom...

Persona) IT'S NOT FAIR! *Runs with tears falling*

Wolfgang) *Grabs Persona and looks up* It's not...*Pulls Persona in and hugs her*

Persona) *Crying* IT'S-JUST-NOT-FAIR! *Pounding on Wolfgang*

( Wolfgang holds Persona )

Reporter 3) And breaking news is in...

( The camera switches )

Reporter 3) Another murder has happened near an apartment complex...The murder seems to be linked to Wolf and Serenity's with no body, blood, and a "R.I.P" message...

Reporter 1) Police have evacuated everyone from the apartment; no word if the murderer has been found.

( Wolfgang looks at Samantha )

( Samantha looks back at Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) Not him too...

Samantha) ...

( Everyone at the table starts to cry, except for Wolfgang, Samantha, and Jenna )

( Wolfgang turns the TV off and keeps Persona near him )

( Persona keeps crying and wailing on Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang lifts Persona up and takes her outside )

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