In a fiery zone...

( Burtrike Helios chokes )

Mutated C22) ...

Burtrike Helios) LO-LORD!

<Harterym) He ate some of my spheres, get some into C22 and they should be fine>

<Pyrym) Understood, little sis>

( Burtrike Helios continues choking )

( C22 flies into Burtrike Helios and backs up )

( Burtrike Helios still chokes )

Mutated C22) STOP CHOKING! *Flies into Burtrike Helios' midsection*

( Burtrike Helios coughs some white spheres up, but still chokes )

Mutated C22) O.O PRETTY! *Picks a white sphere up* VERY PRETTY! IT NEEDS SAFE KEEPINGS! *Throws white sphere in mouth* O.O I NEED TO SAVE THEM ALL! DX *Bends down and licks the spheres*

( The white spheres get stuck to C22's tongue and he swallows them )

<Pyrym) Geez, he needs some help!>

<Harterym) What he do?>

<Pyrym) Licked your spheres off the ground>

<Harterym) *Sarcasm* Nice, very nice...>

Mutated C22) *Coughs* YU- *Coughs more* YUC- *Suddenly choking*

( Burtrike Helios explodes with a black and white flash )

( Flames shoot towards Burtrike Helios from all directions )

( The flames crash into a gold-shining, sphere-like shield )

Pyrym) It's time...*Red spheres leave the flames and form Pyrym*

( C22 lays on the ground, choking still )


( The shield shatters and releases a dark, bright smoke )

( The smoke hides C22 )

( A figure walks towards C22 )

( C22 bursts into a white and black flash )

???) C22! *Stands above and looks at C22* ERR! *Jumps out of the smoke*

Pyrym) Hmph...Extremis, welcome...

Extremis Helios) ERR! *Jumps towards Pyrym*

( Pyrym's body splits )

( Extremis Helios flies through Pyrym and into flames )

Extremis Helios) HOT! *Flies out of the flames*

( Flames shoot off the ground and grab Extremis )

Extremis Helios) I'M BURNING!

Pyrym) ...

Extremis Helios) AHHH!

( The flames slam Extremis to the ground and turn into red spheres )

( Red spheres form into a hammer, above Extremis )

( Extremis pushes his body up )

( Red spheres slam him back onto the ground )

( The red spheres lift up and reform the hammer )

( The red spheres fall again )

Extremis Helios) ERR! *Pushes body off the ground; flips and lands feet first*

( The red spheres crash onto the ground and break apart )

( The red spheres roll with some rolled under Extremis )

Pyrym) Eat those!

Extremis Helios) ...*Picks a few red spheres up* Why? *Throws them into his mouth*

Pyrym) Wonder...

Extremis Helios) *Swallows* I CAN FEEL IT!

( A red flash erupts )

Extremis Helios) YES! *Releases a fire blast from his mouth*

( Pyrym's red spheres destroy the blast )

Pyrym) My job's complete...I'm sending you back to help your friends...

Extremis Helios) WHAT!

Pyrym) Bye...

Extremis Helios) I WANT TO FIGHT YOU!

Pyrym) You've brawled me more than you've expected...*Disappears*

( A red flash appears and disappears with Extremis Helios and C22 gone )

In Nintendo's house's room...

Mike) You sure you haven't seen Sarieror?

Emily) Yeah...


Emily) Well, Sarieror did evolve...


Emily) ...

Alice) Mike, calm down...

Mike) *Screaming* SARIEROR!

( Drarieror appears behind Mike )

Alice) =D

Drarieror) HI MIKE!

( Mike jumps )

Drarieror) Good to see you're okay!

Mike) What do I call you?

Drarieror) Drarieror...

Mike) Drarieror, where have you been?

Drarieror) On the mansion's roof

Mike) Why?

Drarieror) Thinking about brawling soon...

Mike) Yeah, we need a brawl, but what happened to Dad?

Who is Pyrym; comment your guess(es)

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