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Wolfgang) C22, you first...

C22) Okay...Ability Activate! Flaming Drill-Cut! ( Fire Strike Helios flies forward, spinning, which sends his opponent into the ground multiple times. Then his opponent recieves an uppercut )

( FS Helios flies forward )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Ruby Pulse! ( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse of hard, ruby flames, that burst into a force of heat at impact )

( Crysemtion Volf releases a ruby pulse from her "W" )

( FS Helios swirls into the ruby pulse )

( The ruby pulse breaks into flames )

( FS Helios twirls through the flames and keeps moving )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Opal Pulse! ( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse of hard, opal light, that burst into a force of blinding lights at impact )

( Volf releases an opal pulse )

( FS Helios crashes into it )

( FS Helios stops moving and shows some dizziness )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Stardust Rush! ( Crysemtion Volf charges into the opponent with white spheres falling to the ground. The white spheres explode into smokey dust )

( Crysemtion Volf charges and makes impact in a moments notice )


( The white spheres explode )

( FS Helios gets hidden in the smokey dust )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Crystalic Distribution! ( Crysemtion Volf's nine clones appear. Each clones has one Crystalic Attribute of Volf's )

( Nine Volf clones surround the hidden FS Helios, while Volf flies up above )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Distribution Distribute! ( The Volf clones turn into a small beam of their respective attribute )

( The nine clones turn to beams and enter the smokey dust )

​C22) Ability Activate! Flash Fire ( FS Helios fires a red energy beam from is chest )

( FS Helios points his chest to the ground )

( A beam releases from FS Helios' chest )

( FS Helios shoots into the air )

Wolfgang) Ultimate Ability Actvate! Rainbow Topaz Pulse! ( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse that burst into all Crystalic Attributes effects )

( Crysemtion Volf releases a pulse )

( The nine same beams hit FS' beam and disappear )


( FS Helios gets hit by Volf's pulse )

( FS Helios skyrockets to the ground )

( The nine beams hit FS Helios )

( FS Helios rockets towards Volf )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Crystalic W-Shock! ( Crysemtion Volf's "W" crest hits the opponent and charges all Crystalic Attributes into the opponent )

( FS Helios reaches Volf )

C22) Ability Activate! Strike Fire! ( FS Helios explodes with flames )


( FS Helios explodes near Volf )

( Volf gets stunned )

( FS Helios appears above Volf )

C22) Ability Activate! Strike Flash (FS Helios attacks the opponent, in 3 seconds)

( FS Helios falls towards Volf, quickly )

( Volf gets hit )


( Volf's head gets smashed into the ground )

( Volf turns to her ball form )

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