( Unknowingly, Buratro and Scorgerion slowly advance to Sarieror )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burnover! ( Sarieror's body burns with tremendous heat )

Sarieror) ERR!

( Lezzar stays attached to Sarieror, shocking every part of Sarieror's body )

( Sarieror's body burns )


Nintendo) Correction, he cannot break it!

Mike) DAD!

Nintendo) WHERE!?

Mike) ...OVER THERE! *Points*

Nintendo) *Looks where Mike pointed* Huh...

( Burzeator's foot shows Quadraloid the ground )

Nintendo) *Head turning* Ther-*Looks at Burzeator* WHAT THE <BEEP>!

( Burzeator dances on Quadraloid, then backflips off )

Mike) Ability Activate! Balling! ( Burzeator kicks a ball of fire towards the opponent )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Duel Smash! ( Quadraloid smashes the opponent with two of his arms )

( Quadraloid looks at the ball of fire, flops up, and smashes the ball of fire )

( Lezzar turns to his ball form )

Burzeator) THE WORM! *Lays on the ground and does the worm*

( Nintendo twitches )

Quadraloid) ...

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Earthbreak! ( Quadraloid clubs the ground; the ground caves with a fissure forming )

Quadraloid) RID THE WORM! *Smashes the ground*

( A fissure slowly forms )

( Burzeator worms over the crack )

( Sarieror stands up )

Mike) Ability Activate! Swordsmenship Smash! ( Sarieror does many front flips, then clubs the opponent with his sword )

( Sarieror jumps into the air with front flips occurring )

( Burzeator continues doing the worm )

Quadraloid) *Angered* ENOUGH WITH THAT!

Burzeator) *Flops up* N-*Flops down and back up*-O! *Flops down and up*

Nintendo) Then...Ability Activate! Quadrash! ( Quadraliod charges into the opponent )

( Quadraloid charges )

( Burzeator eyes Quadraloid, then jumps into the sky )

( Burzeator dropkicks )

( Quadraloid's first two arms block the shot, while his lower two grab Burzeator )

( Burzeator wiggles )

Burzeator) *Still wiggling* WORM!

( Quadraloid's tails uncoil from his body )

( Quadraloid slams Burzeator into the ground )

( Burzeator still wiggles, unconscious )

( Quadraloid's tails wrap around Burzeator's neck )

( Quadraloid goes on a slam frenzy with Burzeator )


( Burzeator gets thrown into the air. after three slams )

Sarieror) NO, NOT HIM!


( Sarieror crashes onto Burzeator )

( Burzeator turns to his ball form )

( Sarieror's sword falls into the fissure, while Sarieror's leg gets stuck in the fissure )

Sarieror) NO, JUST NO!

( Quadraloid's tails move towards Sarieror )

( Mike walks towards the fissure )

Mike) I'll be right back, Sarieror...*Crawls into the fissure*

Nintendo) ...*Moves into the fissure after Mike*

( Sarieror does the only thing he can do, throw punches )

( The two tails wrap around Sarieror's arms )

( Sarieror pulls back )

Mike) ...*In head* Where did it fall...


( Quadraloid moves backwards )

( Sarieror kicks Quadraloid again )

( Quadraloid stops Sarieror's kick with his foot )

( Quadraloid's four hands rapidly punch Sarieror )

( Sarieror's armor cracks )

( Quadraloid continues punching )

( Some of Sarieror's arm falls into the fissure )

Mike) ...*Gets hit by some of Sarieror's armor* Ow...*Rubs head and grabs what fell on him* Sarieror...

( Mike looks at Sarieror's sword )

Mike) I can get it...*Slowly walking towards Sarieror's sword with balance*

( Red glows appear into the dark fissure hole )

Mike) ...*Looks up* What is...

( Rocks collapse )

( Mike falls, but grabs onto a ledge )

( Mike breathes hard with concern )


( Buratro slams Sarieror onto the ground )

( More of Sarieror's armor cracks )

( Buratro spits on Sarieror helmet )


( The side of Sarieror's helmet shatters from the explosion and glows red )

( Scorgerion's stinger enters Sarieror's body )

Sarieror) AHH!

( Scorgerion forces some chemical into Sarieror's body )

( Sarieror's showing body bubbles )

Sarieror) ERRAH!

( Buratro bangs his fist onto the ground )

( The ground shakes )

( Mike loses grip of the ledge )

Mike) *Falling* AHHHH!

( Someone grabs Mike )

( Someone pulls Mike up )

( Rubies rise from the fissure )

( That someone runs off to the side with Mike )

??? and ???) Ability Activ- *Mike doesn't hear the rest*


( Something crashes )

( The rubies explode )

( Mike and the someone fly out of the fissure )

( Sarieror's sword crashes after flying out of the fissure )

( Smoke covers the field )

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