Arric) Ability Activate! Shining Cutter! ( Bling holds his sword out and charges towards his opponent with a shining aura )

Blue) Ability Activate! Occurring Smash! ( One of Tyrious' stripes appear out of nowhere and slam the opponent to the ground )

( A stripe appears out of nowhere and slams Bling to the ground )

( Bling drops his sword, while the stripe holds him down )

Blue) Ability Activate! Moonful! ( Tyrious charges into the opponent with his full moon glowing white or black )

( Tyrious falls towards Bling with a high velocity )

( Bling struggles to get free )

Arric) Ability Activate! Shining Bling! ( Bling opens his wings releasing a very bright shine, that burns the opponent )

( Bling's wings extend with a bright flash )

( Some of the grass catches fire )


( Tyrious' fullmoon crest crashes onto Bling's head )

( Bling stops moving with the stripe still attached to his head )

Blue) Ability Activate! Piluby! ( Buratro bangs on the ground, creating a ruby pillar )

( Buratro bangs both his clutched fist onto the ground )

( A crack opens and a ruby pillar rises )

Arric) Ability Activate! Rebellious Hair! ( Some of Hiriger's hair leaves Hiriger and attacks the opponent )

( Some hairs shoot off and fly to Buratro )

( Buratro puts his one fist onto the ground )

( Rubies rise under Hiriger )

( The hairs move around the pillar and continue their path )

Arric) Ability Activate! Hair Cocoon! ( Hiriger's hair closes on him )


( The rubies explode under Hiriger; smoke left behind )

( Buratro flips to his feet )

( The hairs close in )

( Buratro jumps over the hairs and grabs the pillar )

( Buratro climbs the pillar )

( The hairs turn around and continue towards Buratro )

( Buratro continues his quick climb )

( The hairs close in on Buratro, again )

( Buratro jumps )

( The hairs crash into the pillar )

( Buratro grabs the peak of the pillar with his hands and flips )

( The pillar gets yanked out of the ground )

( Buratro flips again with the pillar in-front of him )

( Hairs come out of the smoke and grab the pillar )

Buratro) ...BULKY!

( The hairs push upwards, causing the pillar to quickly fling up )

( Buratro gets flinged off the pillar )


( The hairs throw the pillar away )

( Buratro lands on his feet, after getting flinged off the pillar )

( Hairs grab and tightly wrap around Buratro )

Buratro) BULKY!

Arric) Ability Activate! Mil Hairclone! ( Hiriger's head twists a full 360 degrees causing his hair swirl; Hiriger's head moves quicker as time goes on )

( Buratro gets pulled by Hiriger's hair, unable to break free )

Second later...

( Buratro's in the air getting thrown around, quickly )

Blue) Ability Activate! Ruby Armor! ( Buratro's body turns to overlapping, exploding rubies )

( Rubies cover Buratro's body )


( The rubies explode )

( Buratro bursts away from Hiriger )

( Buratro catapults off the thrown ruby pillar with his feet )


( The ruby pillar crashes into Tyrious and Bling, then explodes )

( Tyrious and Bling turn to their ball forms )

( Flames appear behind Buratro, but then smoke covers Buratro )

Arric) Ability Activate! Weaponized Hair! ( Hiriger tears two threads of his hair off; the two threads are used a swords )

( Hiriger's hidden body tears two hairs off and holds them )

( Ruby spit leaves the smoke )


( The ground in-front of Hiriger explodes )

( Hiriger falls backwards )

( Buratro comes out of the smoke )

( Hiriger blocks with his two hair-swords )

( Buratro punches Hiriger's hair-swords, breaking them and punching Hiriger, dead on )

( Hiriger shoots backwards )

( Buratro pulls Hiriger's hair )

( Hiriger shoots back towards Buratro )

( Once Hiriger reaches Buratro, Buratro grabs Hiriger's hidden neck and holds him up )

Blue) Ultimate Ability Activate! Ruby Nap! ( Buratro slams the opponent onto a ruby bed, that explodes )

( Buratro stomps once )

( Rubies raise from the ground )

Buratro) NIGHT TIME! *Slams Hiriger onto the ruby bed*


( Smoke bursts 100 feet into the air and continues upwards )

( Hiriger turns to his ball form )

Buratro) *Beats on chest* BULKY!

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