( FS Helios gets back up )

( ??? crashes into FS Helios )

( FS Helios falls to the ground )

( ??? lands above FS Helios )

( FS Helios lays on the ground )

( ???'s stinger enters FS Helios )

Cyanide Helios) HAHA!

( Tigressoid breathes hard with his poles down )

( Cyanide Helios turns around and looks at Tigressoid )

Cyanide Helios) HAHAHA HAHAHA HAH HAH HAH GOODBYE! *Needles switch*

Pyro) Ability Activate! Ignition Terror! ( Ruby flames burst out of Tigressoid's poles )

( Flames burst out of Tigressoid's polls )

( Tigressoid flies into the air )

C22) Ability Activate! Poison Burn! ( Cyanide Helios releases a green blast that burns the opponent with boiling poison )

( Cyanide Helios releases two green blast from his arms that turn into one )

( Tigressoid stops moving and slowly falls )

( The blast goes above Tigressoid's head )

( Tigressoid glides towards Cyanide Helios )

C22) Ability Activate! Ruby Toroison! ( Cyanide Helios releases ruby flames that carry poison, as a flamethrower )

( Ruby flames kick in and shoot at Tigressoid )

( Tigressoid flies into the flames )


( Cyanide Helios falls backwards and then rolls backwards )

( Tigressoid lays on the ground )

Tigressoid) *Getting up* Ne...NEVER! Make me...Angry! *Stands still*

Cyanide Helios) HAHA!

( Tigressoid passes out, returns to ball form, and returns to Pyro's hands )

( The stinger still stays in FS Helios' body )

( Cyanide Helios looks over )


Cyanide Helios) HAHA! MY LADY! *Turns to ball form and returns to C22's hands*


Cyanide Helios) HAHAHA!

( FS Helios turns to his ball form and returns to C22's hand )

Cyanide Helios) HAHAHAHA!

( FS Helios doesn't speak nor move )

C22) ...

( Cyanide Helios flies to Lady Heat )

( Lady Heat quickly flies to FS Helios )

Cyanide Helios) ...*Flies towards FS Helios*

Lady Heat) -_-

Cyanide Helios) HAHAHA! MY LADY!

Lady Heat) *Rolls into Cyanide Helios* STOP IT! *Flies into C22's pocket*

Cyanide Helios) ...*Looks at FS Helios* HA!

( C22 looks into his pocket )

( Cyanide Helios charges into FS Helios )

( FS Helios rolls off of C22's hand and falls onto the cold ground )

Cyanide Helios) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Enters another one of C22's pockets*

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