That morning, C22 and a few others sit outside to watch an upcoming brawl...

Harterym) Volf, ready to prove yourself?

Gemention Volf) Yeah

Harterym) Then go

Gemention Volf) Ladies first

Harterym) Volf, you're a lady...

Gemention Volf) Oh yeah...I forgot...I always thought I was a guy

Harterym) And I'm the teacher here, so...

( Gemention Volf releases a Bronzite pulse )

( Harterym's leg separates )

( The Bronzite pulse passes Harterym )

Harterym) Get hurt me easily

Gemention Volf) I expected that! *Releases a Moonstone pulse*

( The Moonstone pulse heads towards Harterym's leg )

( Harterym's leg separates )

( The Moonstone pulse attracts rocks )

( The Moonstone pulse passes Harterym's leg with flying rocks )

( Harterym's leg closes on the rocks, causing a rough, awkward look )

Gemention Volf) And that's how you dislocate a bakugan's leg...

Harterym) ...

( Volf takes off with a green aura )

( Harterym releases a huge moon-like sphere )

( Volf collides with the moon )

( Neither attack budges )

( Volf suddenly glows a bright green and drills through the blast )

( Volf continues her path towards Harterym )

( Harterym holds her palms up )

( Volf closes in on Harterym's leg )

( Harterym's palms glow white )

( Volf flies upwards )

( Harterym releases a beam that consumes Volf )


( Smoke rushes into the air )

( A hole appears around Harterym's standing position )

( Harterym is bent down, a bit )

( Nine Volves charge towards Harterym )


( The eight clones crash and shatter by crashes into the ground )

( Volf watches white spheres move around )

Gemention Volf) *In head* This works...*Reality* AWOOO!

( Pillars rise from the ground )

( The white spheres reform Harterym )

( The pillars stop )

( Harterym's body stops reforming )

Gemention Volf) You're not you, are you...But that's right...YOU CAN'T TALK! THE END! AWOOOO!!!!

( Electricity from the eight pillars attack the uncomplete Harterym )

( Harterym gets hit and returns to her ball form )

C22) O_O

Mike) o-o

Arric) wow...

( Volf and Harterym disappear after a white flash )

???) HEY GUYS!

( C22, Mike, and Arric look up )

In a white zone...

Harterym) Volf, you're ready...

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