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???) ...

Wolfgang) *With a side glare* Persona...

Persona) Yes...

Wolfgang) You know...Mom said you had to be in bed by now...

Persona) I know...I wish I was asleep, but I can't...

Wolfgang) Why not?

Persona) I don't know...Maybe because Mom and Dad didn't call or from being in a different bed...

Wolfgang) Okay

Persona) Can I call them?

Wolfgang) *Turns head away* Um...

Persona) ?

Wolfgang) They're probably asleep now...

Persona) Then tomorrow morning?

Wolfgang) Sure you can, sis

Persona) Thanks

Wolfgang) Now...Go back to bed...*Looks up at the moon*

Persona) Okay *Turns around and starts walking*

( Persona walks into someone )

Persona) ...Hi...

Samantha) Hey

Persona) Samantha...

Samantha) Yes?

Persona) You look pretty

Samantha) Thank you, Persona

Persona) You're welcome

( Jenna slowly awakes )

Persona) Now...I'm going to bed

Samantha) Okay

( Persona walks off )

( Wolfgang collapses onto the ground )

( Samantha looks at Wolfgang, again )

Samantha) Wolfgang...

( Jenna looks over too )

Jenna) dada

Samantha) *Looks at Jenna* Yeah...I love that voice

Jenna) mama *Struggling to stay awake*

Samantha) Yeah...*Kisses Jenna's forehead*

( Jenna falls back to sleep )

Samantha) My baby...

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