Minutes later...

( The frozen sapphire water and Volf shatter into liquid water )


( Rays from the sun beat the water )

( The water quickly enters Aqurrias' body )

Aqurrias) *Absorbs the remaining water* And now she's no more...

( The water slowly enters Aqurrias' armor slabs )

( Volf reforms )

Aqurrias) That can't be all the moisture I absorbed...

Gemention Volf) >=D *Releases a peridot pulse*

( The peridot pulse breaks with electricity )

Aqurrias) AHHHHHH!

( Electricity electrocutes every part of Aqurrias' body )

Aqurrias) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Body starts breaking apart* VOLF!

Gemention Volf) *In head* I'm sorry, friend...*Releases another peridot pulse*

Aqurrias) AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *Body breaks faster*

( Aqurrias tries absorbing moisture, but nothing happens )

( Volf glows green with an electro-whirlpool in Aqurrias )

( Aqurrias starts gets sucked into the whirlpool )

( Volf moves out of Aqurrias' remaining body )

( Aqurrias falls to the ground with a white flash )

Gemention Volf) *Stops all movement* I'm sorry

Aqurrias) V...Vo...VOLF! Wh...Wh...Why! I..........

Gemention Volf) *Flies back to Aqurrias* I'm sorry...*Bites Aqurrias' neck*

Aqurrias) Why would...would you...

( Volf pulls Aqurrias )

( Volf comes close to reaching a river )

Gemention Volf) *Legs go* I want you to recover...

Aqurrias) Why...

Gemention Volf) You're my friend...I...I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU FOR ANOTHER'S WORK!

Aqurrias) What do you mean?

Gemention Volf) ...bye...*Releases a water pulse at Aqurrias*

( Aqurrias falls into the river )

( Volf looks at the river for a moment and takes off )

Gemention Volf) *In head* Wolfgang, I'm coming...

Meanwhile, inside Serenity's house...

Ray) How come May goes with Mom and we get stuck with Jenna! SHE'S A STUPID BABY!

Crystal) NO SHE ISN'T!

Christian) Ray, she's smarter than you!



Persona) ...*Holds Jenna gently* Don't listen to Ray, he's an idiot...

Ray) ...

Persona) Right?

Jenna) yes

Persona) Good

Jenna) Persona *Hugs Persona*

Persona) Aww

By Wolf...

Wolf) Wolfie...What happened?

Typhonatic Wolfie) *Lifts head* Ugh...I'm not sure

Wolf) Are you okay?

Typhonatic Wolfie) Yeah

Nintendo) Wolf...

Wolf) Yes

Nintendo) He awaits you

Wolf) Wolfie...Can you do this?

Typhonatic Wolfie) And kill him, yes...

Wolf) Lets do this!

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