( Ruby flames burst from Roxanoid's landing )

( Personity returns to his ball form and flies into the Cloaked Commander's hand )

Nintendo) So, there's someone here...Just...WHO ARE YOU!

Cloaked Commander) Wouldn't you like to know!

( Pyro and DG enter the doorways )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Ruby Crisp Magmash! ( Magmaburn Roxanoid releases a blazing, ruby-red, magma blast towards his opponent )

( Roxanoid releases a blazing, ruby-red, blast of magma, at Buratro )

Buratro) BULKY! *Lifts Volf's dead body into the air*


( The blast crashes into Volf )

( Volf returns to his ball form and into Wolfgang's hands )

Cloaked Commander) Ability Activate! Spiral Chaos! ( An illusion of Tyrious' spiraling stripes, attack the opponent )

( Stripe illusions enter and rip the magma blast )

( The stripes continue their path to Roxanoid )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Magtonic Uproar! ( Magmaburn Roxanoid stomps on the ground sending magma bursting out of the ground )

( Roxanoid stomps )

( Magma gushers from the ground )

( The illusional stripes travel on the sides of the magma )

Cloaked Commander) Ability Activate! Piluby! ( Buratro bangs on the ground, creating a ruby pillar )

( Buratro slams his fist against the ground )

( A ruby pillar rises )

( The magma gushes onto the pillar )

Cloaked Commander) Ability Activate! Bulky Strength! ( Buratro punches the opponent )

( Buratro punches the ruby pillar )

( The ruby pillar flies over the magma crack )

( The magma stops, while the pillar travels in-between the illusional stripes )

Magmaburn Roxanoid) ...

Nintendo) Roxanoid, the wall!

Magmaburn Roxanoid) Rocks-A-Noid say OKAY! *Jumps backwards and lands againts the wall*

( Magmaburn Roxanoid flips onto the ruby pillar, flips off against the wall, and lands on the pillar's peak )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Rugma Ace! ( Magmaburn Roxanoid drops his leg against the opponent's head; ruby magma erupts upon impact )

( Roxanoid jumps off the pillar )

( The illusional stripes grab Roxanoid )

( Roxanoid falls with his head coming upon a pillar crash )

???) Ability Activate! Blind Consume! ( Bling creates white flames that consume an opponent and blind them )

( The illusional stripes turn white and burn )

Meanwhile, Wolfgang has been moved by Pyro and DarkusGUY...

DG) Where do we even go!

Pyro) Hmm

DG) Hmm...How about the hospital

Pyro) Nah, lets just take him to Serenity...She's a doctor anyways...

DG) But she doesn't have her equipment


DG) And here comes an ambulance


MoCC: Episode 28

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