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( Smoke covers the exploded area )

Tyrious) Job done, let's leave

Buratro) BULKY!

Tyrious) Sure *Flies*

Buratro) BULKY! *Charges into the smoke*

( Buratro gets hit )

( Buratro falls backwards )

???) AWOOO!!!!

Tyrious) *Stops* ...No...YOU CAN'T BE ALIVE!

( Personity walks out of the smoke )

Personity) Volf, no...Me, YES!

Buratro) Sí, BULKY! *Gets back up*

Tyrious) ...

( Buratro charges towards Personity )

Personity) AWOOO!!! *Charges towards Buratro*

( Buratro punches )

( Personity flies below and clips Buratro's legs )

( Buratro falls to his feet )

( Personity charges towards Tyrious )

Tyrious) PATHETIC! *Black spirals spin, while body glows white*

( Personity's movement wobbles )

Tyrious) YOU'LL STOP!

( Personity stops moving )

Buratro) BULKY! *Jumps towards Personity*

( An emerald pulse fires from the smoke )

( Buratro gets hit by the emerald pulse )

( Buratro crashes into Personity )

( Personity crashes into Tyrious )

( Tyrious, Personity, and Buratro fall )

( Volf uses Rainbond Gyrate )

( The smoke disappears )

( Wolfgang lays on the ground )

( Volf charges towards Buratro )

Buratro) *Lands on feet* BULKY! *Grabs Volf when Volf is near*

Gemention Volf) *Forces movement* HOW!

Buratro) *Squeezes Volf* BULKY! *Spits ruby spit at Volf's face*

( The spit explodes )

( Volf's head drops )

( Buratro stomps onto the ground )

( A ruby bed rises )

Buratro) BED TIME! *Smashes an unconscious Volf into the ruby bed*


( The rubies explode )

( Smoke blasts, while Volf lays on the ground )

Buratro) BULKY! *Stomps repeatedly, on Volf*

( Personity gets up )

Cloaked Commander) *In head* They're doing great!

( Personity's blade extends )

Tyrious) BURA-

Personity) WOLFGANG!!!!!! *Takes off towards Wolfgang*

( Buratro continues to stomp on Volf )

( Personity points his blades in-front of him )

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Burnstop! ( Magmaburn Roxanoid jumps into the air and lands on the opponent with a burst of heat )

( Magmaburn Roxanoid falls through glass on the roof )

Personity) *Charging* I can make it

Nintendo) Ability Activate! Rugma Comet! ( Magmaburn Roxanoid falls as a comet of magma )


( Magmaburn Roxanoid falls onto Personity )

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