That morning...

( Samantha slams the refrigerator door )

Wolfgang) ...

( Jenna watches Samantha )

Samantha) I'll be back later! *Walking fast*

Wolfgang) *Gets up* ...

Jenna) Mama...

( Samantha continues walking )

( Wolfgang runs to the backdoor )

( Samantha reaches the door and grabs the doorknob )

( Samantha opens the door )

( Wolfgang's palm closes it )

Samantha) WHAT THE HECK!

Wolfgang) You're not going anywhere...


Wolfgang) I'm not...

Samantha) Just let me go!

Wolfgang) Samantha, take a chill pill

Samantha) ...

Wolfgang) I don't know what's got into you...I don't even know where my wife is...Jenna-

Samantha) knows where her mom is

Wolfgang) Samantha!

Samantha) ...

Wolfgang) KNOCK IT OFF! *Grabs Samantha's hands* Knock it off...

Samantha) ...

( Wolfgang lets go of Samantha's hands and takes a list from her )

Samantha) I NE-I need that...

Wolfgang) No...You don't...I'll go and I want you to calm down...

Samantha) WHY!

Wolfgang) -_- *Moves Samantha away from the door, opens, and walks out*

Samantha) ...

Jenna) mama

Samantha) Yes, dear?

Jenna) Fo...*Bangs on tray*

Samantha) Okay...*Walks towards the refrigerator*

( Jenna turns her head )

( Samantha opens the refrigerator )

Samantha) Okay...Where did I hide it...*Looking around*

( Jenna rests her head on the tray and bangs on it )

Samantha) Hmm...*Moves items around*

Jenna) *Bangs* BAH!

( Samantha looks at Jenna )

Samantha) What are you doing, sweety?

Jenna) *Bangs again* BAH!

Samantha) Jenna...

Jenna) *Lifts head* Mama

Samantha) There it is *Pulls baby food out of the fridge* Jenna, I found it...

( Jenna smiles )

( Samantha closes the fridge )

Thirty minutes after Jenna was fed...

Samantha) Jenna...Doesn't that look nice for, dada?

Jenna) UH!

Samantha) Yes?

( Jenna puts her hand onto the picture )

May) What picture?

Samantha) The one Jenna's covering...Why do you think Wolfgang's gone...I tricked him to leave...

May) You did?

Samantha) Yeah, I took a page from his book

May) Okay

Samantha) Don't tell Wolfgang, it's between us...Okay?

May) Okay...

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