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( Buratro punches Jerronger )

( Jerronger blocks, but slides backwards )

Buratro) BULKY! *Jumps into the air*

James) Ability Activate! W-I-N Combination! ( Jerronger attacks the opponent with a high knee, shoulder block, and then an uppercut )

( Buratro's hands cling to each other )

Jerronger) *Jumps into the air with knee hanging out* W!

( One close, Buratro tries to axe handle Jerronger )

( Buratro misses with Jerronger between his arms and body )

( Jerronger knees Buratro )

( Buratro crashes onto the ground, while Jerronger crashes head first and rolls to his feet )

( A cloaked person walks behind James )

( Jerronger turns around )

( Buratro gets up )

Buratro) BULKY! *Charges towards Jerronger*

Jerronger) *Charges towards Buratro* I!

( Buratro tries to punch Jerronger, but Jerronger shoulder blocks Buratro )

Jerronger) U! *Uppercuts*

( Buratro's head pops up and lowers with an angry look )

Jerronger) ...

( Buratro grabs Jerronger and holds Jerronger into the air )

( Jerronger sees James passed out on a cloaked person's arms )

Buratro) GOODNIGHT! *Stomps*

( Rubies rise from the ground )

( Buratro slams Jerronger into the ground )

BOOM! *The rubies explode*

( Jerronger turns to his ball form )

( James, Jerronger, Buratro, and the cloaked person disappears )

[ By Jail ]

Cloaked Commander) YOU! *Points to a cloaked person*

Cloaked Person 1) ...

Cloaked Commander) BREAK THIS WALL DOWN!

( The cloaked person changes into a bakugan )

???) SURE!

( ??? charges into the wall )

( The jail wall breaks down )

( Jeremy huddles into the corner )

Cloaked Commander) *Peaks into the jail cell* Jeremy, come with us...

Jeremy) Okay...

( The cloaked group and Jeremy disappear )

[ In a dark base ]

Cloaked Leader) Lord...

Darterym) BOW DOWN TO ME!

Cloaked Leader) I'm sorry...*Bows*

Darterym) Did you find my host?

Cloaked Leader) Yes, we did find a host...Your host is all set up

Darterym) Excellent!

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