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( Wolfgang walks down the hallway )

Jenna) Babababa...

Wolfgang) What?

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) Yes...

( Jenna hugs Wolfgang )

Wolfgang) ...

( Wolfgang continues walking down the hallway )

Crystal) SHE'S SO CUTE!

Christian) =/

Puppy) WOOF!

( Lightning flashes, thunder crackles )

Puppy) WOOF, WOOF!

( May and Ray continue looking outside )

Ray) That was a long lightning bolt...

May) I've seen bigger

Ray) It's still big

May) Nah...It was average

Ray) T.T


Wolfgang) I know...*Holding Jenna*

Puppy) WOOF!

Wolfgang) Hi...

Crystal) That's Puppy...Jenna named her

Wolfgang) Since when?

Samantha) Since you were asleep

Crystal) She was outside in the thunderstorm, so Samantha ran out and got her...A note said she was yours

Wolfgang) Okay

Samantha) Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) Yes...?

( Samantha walks into the kitchen )

( Wolfgang follows )

Samantha) Wolfgang...What happened?

Wolfgang) I don't know...All I remember was some cloaked person going to remove his or her hood, but that's it and...

Samantha) And...?

Wolfgang) *Looking at a window* Samantha...

Samantha) ?

Wolfgang) *Looks back at Samantha* Darterym's back...

( Lightning flashes again )

Ray) O.O WOW!

Samantha) ...

( Thunder erupts )

Samantha) ...

Wolfgang) ...

( Jenna sleeps in Wolfgang's arms )

Samantha) ...

Wolfgang) ...

Samantha) Are...Are you okay?

Wolfgang) Yeah...

Samantha) You know...Nintendo, DF, and C22 are here...

Wolfgang) ...You said Nintendo was killed...

Samantha) But I didn't get to finish...

Wolfgang) So then what?

Samantha) He was able to escape...

Wolfgang) Okay

Samantha) And he called Pyro, DG, Kyuubi, and Ice...He said they're coming over here

Wolfgang) And staying?

Samantha) For sometime...

Wolfgang) Good thing is house is huge...

Samantha) Yeah...

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