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Hours later...

Wolfgang) Ugh...*Looks at Jenna* What happened...

( Jenna remains asleep )

Wolfgang) ...*Grabs Jenna and moves her closer up* Don't want you falling...

Jenna) *Looking at Wolfgang* DADA!

Wolfgang) Yes, Jenna?

Jenna) *Crawls upwards* Dada! *Tries to hug Wolfgang, around his neck*

Wolfgang) How about...*Holds Jenna and sits up* So...How are you?

Jenna) Gu...good

Wolfgang) =O Good job

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) I know...



Wolfgang) Jenna...

Jenna) Dada

Wolfgang) That never gets old...

[ In Persona, Crystal, and May's room ]

( Persona holds a knife to herself )

Persona) *Breathing hard* I can do this...

( Persona brings the knife closer to her body )

Persona) Yes...I can do this...

( Bedroom door opens )

Serenity) I'll be right there...I have to see my daughter first...

( Persona looks at the door with her eyes watery and tears falling )

Serenity) *Looks at Persona* ...

( Persona drops the knife and runs to Serenity )

Serenity) *Bends down* Persona...

( Persona runs into Serenity's arms )

( Serenity lifts Persona )

Persona) MOM! *Hugs Serenity* I MISSED YOU! *Cries in Serenity's arms*

Serenity) I would have came here sooner...Dad saved me from dying...

Persona) I miss Dad...

Serenity) I miss him too...

( The door to Wolfgang, Samantha, and Jenna's room opens )

( Wolfgang walks out with Jenna, but stops moving )

Wolfgang) ...*Eyes start to water*

( Serenity turns around )

Wolfgang) Mom...

( Jenna looks in confusion )

Serenity) Hey Wolfgang, you should go ask Samantha about what she did...

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