Cloaked Leader) R.I.P The World! R.I.P The Universe! R.I.P Everyone or anything that stands in Lord Darterym's way! ALL HAIL, LORD DARTERYM!

( White flashes appear from a hole in the ground )

( Seven cloaked people stand arounnd the hole )

Cloaked People) HAIL, LORD DARTERYM!

( Eight more cloaked people come from the ground )


( A large white light comes from the ground and into the clouds )

Wolf) You want to train with Cyber Slash Ingram, Wolfie, and Me?

Wolfgang) Yes... but who is Cyber Slash Ingram?

Wolf) My second bakugan...

Wolfgang) Can I see it?

Wolf) When we get home...

Wolfgang) Okay!

Wolf) Wolfgang! Move out of the way!

Wolfgang) Why!

( Evil Wolf runs out with a knife and tries to hit Wolfgang with it, but Wolf gets in the way )


[ Wolfgang's flashback ends ]

Gemention Volf) ...

Wolfgang) crap...

( The white light turns into a black light )

Wolfgang) Volf...Land...

Gemention Volf) I know...*Looking for a landing spot*

Cloaked Leader) Lord Darterym...*Bows* Welcome back

Darterym) ...

Cloaked Leader) BOW DOWN OR I'LL KILL YOU!

Cloaked People) *Bow* ALL HAIL, LORD DARTERYM!

Cloaked Leader) Hail, Lord Darterym!

( A pebble falls )

Darterym) *Turns head* OH, WOLFGANG! YOU KNOW...WE HAVE SOME UNFINISHED BUSINESS! *Charges power in arm*

Wolfgang) ...

Cloaked Leader) Lord Darterym, if I may...

Darterym) Good ahead

Cloaked Leader) Thanks, my Lord...*Looks towards Wolfgang with his hidden face* YOU DARE SPY ON US!

Wolfgang) *In head* D*MN IT!

Cloaked Leader) But...Don't worry...We'll not kill you

Wolfgang) ...

Cloaked Leader) After all...*Takes cloak off*

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***Any ideas on who the leader is?***

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