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Wolfgang) Volf...He can't be back

Gemention Volf) I know

Wolfgang) This can't happen all over...I will not let it happen again!

Gemention Volf) Neither will I

[ Back at Wolfgang's house ]

( Arric shakes Ray's hand )

Arric) Good job

Ray) Thanks, you too

( Arric and Ray stop shaking hands )

( Jane, Mike, and Trent run into the backyard )

Mike) I WIN!

Trent) NO! I WON! =P

( Everyone looks over )

Jane) ...

Mike) No you didn't!

Trent) YES I DID!


Trent) LIAR!

Mike) YOU!

Jane) ...

Trent) NO, YOU!

Jane) NO!

( Mike and Trent stop )

( Jane slaps them both and walks away )

Trent) Ow...

Mike) Hehe!

( Trent slaps Mike )

Mike) Ow...*Slaps Trent*

DF) ...*Takes book out*

( Trent slaps Mike again )

Nintendo) Enough...

Mike) Okay...

( Trent slaps Mike )

Mike) ...

DF) ...*Reading book*

( Nintendo looks over )

Nintendo) Um...DF...You going to do anything?

DF) ...


( Ghostaloid leaves DF's body )

DF) ...TELL ME! Why am I reading a book...

Nintendo) Ghostaloid

DF) -_- Why do I have to keep getting possessed! DX

Nintendo) You're Alice for now, DF...


Nintendo) I know...

DF) You should

Nintendo) You're my daughter

DF) NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo) Now Ghostaloid...Just because Alice is in Costa Rica, it doesn't mean you can possess DF...

Ghostaloid) ...*Possesses Nintendo*


( Nintendo takes DF's book and reads )

Jane) Hi Persona...

Persona) Hi...

Jane) Can I we brawl as a team, sometime?

Persona) Sure...

Jane) =D I think we'd make a good team

Persona) Maybe

Jane) And we're both close to 10 years old

Persona) Yeah

Samantha) Where are your parents?

Jane) They didn't come...Dad said he wanted me protected, while he keeps Mom and him protected...

Samantha) Where are you staying?

Jane) With Nintendo or you...

Samantha) Good thing I live in a huge house...

Jane) Yeah...When can we swim in your pool?

Samantha) Hmm...Well...First we have to see where you're staying...

Jane) Okay

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