Minutes later...Everyone is outside except for Wolfgang...

Jenna) Mama!

Samantha) Jenna...

Jenna) Mama!

Samantha) Jenna

Jenna) Ma...*Looks at Sara*

Samantha) You want to sit on Grandmom's lap?

Jenna) ...

Samantha) Yes or no?

Jenna) S!

Samantha) Okay...Is that alright with you, Mom?

Sara) Yeah, I'm fine with it

[ In the barrier ]

Arric) You guys ready?

Ray) Yeah, Arric

Persona) I am too

Christian) Me three!

Arric) Okay, feel free to use as many bakugans as you want

May) Okay

( Christian takes Crusade Werewerra, Deger, and Anegonza out )

( Ray takes Vamprior and Vamolf out )

( Persona takes Axolf and Blazzery out )

( May takes Dolloid and Penifle out )

( Arric takes Hiriger out )

( All bakugans land onto the ground and come out of their ball forms )

( The nine bakugans surround Hiriger )

May) *Activates abilities at the same time as Christian and Persona* Tag Ability Activate! Tsunami Burst! ( Dolloid creates a large bubble that bursts into a tidal wave, while Penifle releases waves from her wings. Both waves collide and grow into a tsunami )

Christian) Abilities Activate! Bronzite Spikear! ( Deger's back shoots hard, bronzite spikes ) and Surface Howl! ( Crusade Werewerra howls with fragments of a landy surface lifting and attacking the opponent )

( Dolloid and Penifle create waves that form into a tsunami )

( Deger flips into the air and releases spikes )

Arric) Ability Activate! Hair Cocoon! ( Hiriger's hair closes on him )

( The tsunami, spikes, and rocks move towards Hiriger )

( Hiriger floats over the tsunami )

( The spikes and rocks miss Hiriger )

May) Ability Activate! Flushing Waters! ( Penifle's head guard glows sapphire; waters swirl into a waterpool )

( The tsunami's top starts to swirl around )

Arric) Ability Activate! Mil Hairclone! ( Hiriger's head twists a full 360 degrees causing his hair swirl; Hiriger's head moves quicker as time goes on )

( The whirpool continues to form )

( Hiriger's head moves )

( Hiriger spins in the whirpool )

( Hiriger's hair slices the water )

( Hiriger slowly reaches the whirpool's center )

( When Hiriger reaches the whirpool's center, the whirpool bursts )

Christian) Abilities Activate! Training Antown! ( Anegonza speeds like a train, crashing and blading the opponent, eight times ), Coalesce Sharge! ( Crusade Werewerra charges towards the opponent with shards of land following him ), and Spike Takedown! ( Deger falls onto the opponent with his spikes )

Persona) Tag Ability Activate! Redburst Axcrash! ( Axolf climbs onto Blazzery with his ax pointing towards his opponent. Blazzery charges towards the opponent when ready )

May) Abilities Activate! Bubble Charger! ( Dolloid encases herself into a bubble and charges into her opponent ) and Sapphire Headbust! ( Penifle crashes into the opponent with her sapphire head guard )

Ray) Linked Tag Abilities Activate! Foxbat Change! ( Vamprior and Vamolf turn into foxbats ) + Batrash! ( Vamprior and Vamolf charge into the opponents )

( Hiriger slowly falls )

( Deger jumps onto Anegonza )

( The eight bakugans charge towards Hiriger's falling spot )

( Deger jumps off Hiriger and moves upwards towards Hiriger )

Arric) Ability Activate! Haipel Smash! ( Hiriger's hair smashes the opponent into the ground )

( Deger gets caught in Hiriger's hair )

( The eight bakugans below, stop moving )


( Hiriger crashes onto the ground )

( Anegonza and Deger turn to their ball forms, while the other bakugans lay on the ground )

Arric) Ability Activate! Silver Repupel! ( Magnetic force transferred into the ground causes the opponents to repel away from Hiriger )

( The seven remaining bakugans crash into the barrier walls )

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