( Toxinide watches )

( Volf enters a portal )

( Three other portals open )

( Buratro keeps an eye on all three portals )

( Volf exits the middle portal )

( Buratro punches Volf )

( Volf shatters )

( Volf charges from behind )

( Buratro jumps, but quickly falls )

( Buratro lands on Volf and weights her down )

( Buratro squishes Volf onto the ground )

Toxinide Helios) HAHAHA! *Readies needles*

( Volf squirms )

( Buratro punches Volf )

( Buratro spits on Volf with ruby spit )


( The ruby spit explodes )

( Volf stops moving )

( Toxinide sticks two needles into Volf )

Toxinide Helios) HAHAHA! *Injects a boiling poison*

( The boiling poison enters Volf's body )

Toxinide Helios) HAHAHA!

( Volf wakes up )

Buratro) BULKY! *Picks Volf up after standing*

( Crysemtion Volf feels the boiling poison's effects )

( Liquids leave Volf's mouth )

Buratro) YULKY! *Spits into Volf's mouth*


( The spit explodes )

( Volf falls out of Buratro's grip )

Toxinide Helios) HAHAHAHAHA!

Buratro) BULKY! *Picks Volf back up* BU-*Turns to ball form*

( Volf falls to the ground )

Toxinide Helios) HAHAHA!


( Dark emerald shoot everywhere )

( Toxinide returns to ball form )

Demenatic Wolfie) MY TURN!

By DF...

( Meteonoid jumps out of the way )

( Black spheres roll towards DF )

DF) *Walking backwards* METEONOID!

Nebula Meteonoid) ON IT! *Jumps*

( A hand of black spheres grabs Meteonoid's foot )

( Meteonoid crashes onto the ground )

DF) ...Not getting mutated...*Looking around*

( The black spheres continue to roll towards DF )

DF) ...AHA! *Grabs some curtains* ...Hope these hold me...*Climbs*

( DF climbs, but falls down )

DF) *Holding arm* DARN IT!

( Meteonoid kicks the hand with his free leg )

Nebula Meteonoid) *Kicks the black sphere hand* IS THIS ALL YOU GOT! *Kicks again*


Nebula Meteonoid) I'M TRYING! *Creates a meteor from palms*

( The black spheres draw closer to DF )

( DF tries climbing the curtain again, but falls )

( Meteonoid pushes the meteor into the black sphere hand )

( The black sphere hand doesn't break, but gets hit )

Nebula Meteonoid) ...


( Black spheres quickly move on DF's body )

( The black sphere hand breaks apart )

( Meteonoid gets back onto the ground )

( Meteonoid jumps to DF )

( Black spheres cover DF's body )

Nebula Meteonoid) DF! *Grabs DF's body and pulls it out of the black spheres*

DF) *Spits black spheres out* FINALLY!

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