( Jeremy lays knocked out )

Wolfgang) Samantha...Call 911...

Samantha) *Shaking* Okay

Wolfgang) I'll get Persona to her bed and check on Jenna

Samantha) Poor Jenna...She's probably scared...

Wolfgang) Yeah...

( Wolfgang picks Persona up )

( Wolfgang walks Persona into the living room )

Wolfgang) Thanks...Arric

Arric) Welcome...They got My dad, though

Wolfgang) ...

Sara) He made sure we got away, though

Samantha) Yeah...That's our address, we...

Wolfgang) I'll be back over soon...*Walks down the hallway*

( May's head peaks out of the bathroom )

Wolfgang) Still need to get dressed?

May) Yeah...

Wolfgang) Let me put her in bed, then you can come in...

May) Okay...

( Wolfgang opens the door to May, Persona, and Crystal's room )

( Wolfgang puts Persona in bed and tucks her in )

( Wolfgang leaves the room )

Wolfgang) She'll be out of it when you get dressed

May) Okay

( Wolfgang opens the door to his bedroom )

Jenna) DADA!

Wolfgang) How did you get there...

Jenna) dada...

Wolfgang) You shouldn't be this close to the door

( Wolfgang bends down and picks Jenna up )

Wolfgang) How's my baby girl...

Jenna) ...

Wolfgang) Use what Samantha taught you...Ga

Jenna) Ga

Wolfgang) ood

Jenna) ood

Wolfgang) Good

Jenna) ga...ood

Wolfgang) Okay...You're learning...

Jenna) Mama?

Wolfgang) Okay...*Walks out of their bedroom*

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MoCC: Episode 10?

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