Mission Grammaton (full title "Bakugan Universal Avengers: Mission Grammaton") is a fanfic series by Keith Strife.


Mission Grammaton takes place two years after the event of Mechtanium Surge. A supposed neutral organization called the Order of Grammaton declared war against the universe. However, the members of the said organization are not made aware of the declaration for conquest. Grammaton then investigates about the rumors of the betrayal within their own ranks while protecting the reputation of their organization. Along the way, they enlist the help of the heroes of the universe called The Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance who reformed with the purpose of supposedly opposing them.

Amongst those that are torn between the questionable loyalties of the Grammaton, the opposing Resistance and the bigger baddies called the Mephisto Brotherhood is the ex-Vexos member now known as Rengoku Houran. His awakening to the world of the living is perhaps not as peaceful as he thought it would be.

Arc 1: REFORMATION - The Case of the ResistanceEdit

Chapter 1: TBAEdit

To be rewritten to be suitable for a broader audience.

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