With more and more people getting encased on Wolfgang's side, can Airzel do anything to change the tide? Recently Aslihian, Taylean2002, Skawo1, Titaniumgirl, and their bakugan partners have been encased in ice.

Airzel) Ability Activate! Thunderous Lightning! ( Thunder Dragonoid releases a lightning bolt at her opponent )

Evil Airzel) Ability Activate! Carbonized Receive! ( Carbon Thunder Dragonoid absorbs an attacks energy, if same attribute )

( The lightning bolt hits Carbon Thunder Dragonoid and is absorbed )

Airzel) Linked Ability Activate! Darkus Swap and Dark Bolt! ( Thunder Dragonoid turns to Darkus and releases a lightning bolt of darkus energy )

Evil Airzel) Ability Activate! Carbon Reflection! ( A shield of energy protects Carbon Thunder Dragonoid and sends the attack back at her opponent )

( Shade goes out of his ball form and in-front of Thunder Dragonoid )

Thunder Dragonoid) GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Shade) No can do!

Airzel) Come on! MOVE!


( Shade gets hit by the lightning bolt and is encased in ice )

Airzel) SHADE!

Evil Airzel) One down!

Airzel) WHY YOU!

Evil Airzel) Why me what?


Evil Airzel) I'M SO SCARED... OH WAIT I'M YOU!

Airzel) I'm me! NOT YOU!

Thunder Dragonoid) AIRZEL!

Airzel) What?

Thunder Dragonoid) LOOK OUT!

Airzel) What?

( Turns around )

Airzel) PyrusMaster82, GET OUT OF MY WAY!

( PyrusMaster82 gets encased in ice )

Airzel) O_O

( Thunder Dragonoid screeches and gets encased in ice )

( Blaze Dragonoid gets encased in ice )


DinoQueen13) Yeah!

( Airzel runs over to DinoQueen13 and Crimson for protection )

Crimson) Ability Activate! Arm Beamer! ( Steel Dragonoid fires two beams from his arm guns )

( The two beams hit Evil Crimson and Carbon Steel Dragonoid )

( Evil Crimson and Carbon Steel Dragonoid get encased in ice )


( DinoQueen13 gets encased in ice )

Terrex) MY QUEEN!

( Terrex charges into Carbon Terrex )

Evil DinoQueen13) Ability Activate! Carbonized Bite! ( Carbon Terrex bites his opponent )

( Carbon Terrex bites Terrex's neck and Terrex gets encased in ice )

Crimson) Airzel, I will not let you down!

Steel Dragonoid) Me either!

( Steel Dragonoid fires beams at Carbon Terrex )

Carbon Terrex) REALLY! That doesn't hurt!

Carbon Volf) HA!

( Carbon Volf fires a blast Crimson and Airzel and it hits them )

Airzel) NO!!!

Crimson) I... Fai...

( Crimson and Airzel get encased in ice )

Steel Dragonoid) NO!!!!!!

( Steel Dragonoid fires beams at Carbon Volf )

( Carbon Volf dodges all beams )

Carbon Terrex) RAWR!!!!

Steel Dragonoid) Huh?

( Steel Dragonoid turns around )

Steel Dragonoid) Oh sh*t!

( Steel Dragonoid gets hit by Carbon Terrex's tail and gets encased in ice )!_Ep._38

Ep.37 grade?

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