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Mike and Trent has entered the barrier, their battlefield has been chosen as an obstacle course typed field...

Mike) Sarieror, you ready?

Sarieror) *Comes out of ball form* Yes, just is the old mannn watching?

Mike) yes, he's watching...

Sarieror) OLD MANNN!

Trent) Elorien, are you ready?

Elorien) *Comes out of ball form* YEP!

Trent) So...Mike...

Mike) Yes?

Trent) Better cousin wins! >=D

Mike) Okay...

Trent) Ability Activate! Shred Wave! ( Elorien swings his wings, created shredded waves of darkus energy, confusing enemies )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burning Slash! ( Sarieror swings his sword, creating a wave of flames with enough energy )

( Sarieror swings his sword towards a rocky object near him )

( A wave hits the rocky object, making it fall down towards Sarieror )

( The purple waves hit Sarieror, moving him away from the falling rock )

Sarieror) *Holding head* So dizzy...*Shakes head* Okay, there we go!

Trent) Ability Activate! Tailing Smash! ( Elorien does a front flip, then smashes his tail on his opponent )

Mike) Ablity Activate! Burning Forceback! ( Sarieror creates a barrier of heat that pushes an opponent back )

( Elorien crashes into the barrier and bounces into the air after being burned )

Mike) Ultimate Ability Activate! Swordsmenship Smash! ( Sarieror does many front flips, then smashing the opponent with his sword and pushing them to the ground )

( Sarieror front flips 10 times and smashes Elorien through a rocky pile )

( Elorien turns to his ball form and goes into Trent's hand )

Trent) Well, Mike...You are the better cousin...*Walks away with his head down and Elorien*

Mike) No...Trent, we are both good...I'm not the better cousin, until Elorien evolves...

Trent) =D OKAY!

( The barrier wall opens )

( Mike and Trent leave, while Masters enters )

( The wall closes )

Choose your field...

Masters) Lets go with a lava pool

Lava pool field activating...

Five minutes later...

Masters) What's taking my opponent so long...

( Masters sits )

( A person wearing all black lands on the opposite side of the field )

???) Geez...The wall just had to close!

Masters) Yeah, you're late!

???) Well, sorry!

Masters) Who are you?

???) You should know...

( ??? takes his hat off, revealing a mask ),_Persona_vs._Ray!_Episode_4

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