That morning...

Wolf) ...*Looks at blanket*

Persona) Morning Dad...

Wolf) Morning...Did you put this blanket on me, Persona?

Persona) No...

Wolf) Do you know who?

Persona) Maybe Mom...

Wolf) Okay...

Persona) She was crying when I went inside...

Wolf) Is she still?

Persona) That was last night...

Wolf) Well...Where is she now?

Persona) She's on the swing =l

Wolf) ...*Turns around* Yeah...How about you go get breakfast, while I try to talk to her...

Persona) Okay...*Walks to the door*

( Wolf gets up with the blanket and walks towards the swing )

( Wolf sits on the swing )

( Persona looks over and then walks inside )

( Wolf puts the blanket on Serenity )

( Serenity's head lifts off the swing as she looks at Wolf )


Mike) Ability Activate! Burning Forceback! ( Sarieror creates a barrier of heat that pushes an opponent back )

( Duoptile's eight talls crash into the barrier )

( The heat increases )

( Duoptile flies backwards )

Mike) Ability Activate! Swordsmenship Smash! ( Sarieror does many front flips, then clubs the opponent with his sword )

( Sarieror's barrier fades as he jumps into the air )

( Sarieror starts flipping )

Garren) Ability Activate! Bronzite Aegis! ( A bronzite barrier comes from the ground to protect Duoptile )

( Sarieror's sword crashes onto the bronzite barrier with zero damage done )

Garren) Ability Activate! Bronzite Encase! ( The bronzite barrier covers the opponent with a hole left above the opponent's head )

( The bronzite barrier swallows Sarieror and closes with a hole above the Sarieror's head )

Garren) Ultimate Ability Activate! Keyin' Tailbone! ( Duoptile's eight tails come together with bronzite as he smashes his tail through the only opening in the bronzite trap )

Duoptile) *Tails come together and get glued with bronzite* OH YEAH!

Garren) =O Duoptile...Climb the mountain and then jump off!

Duoptile) -_- What do you think I was going to do...

Garren) ...

( Duoptile starts to climb the mountain )

Sarieror) *Coughs* MIKE!

Mike) Ability Activate! Burnover! ( Sarieror's body burns over with tremendous heat )

( Sarieror's body heats up, expanding the room he has in the bronzite encasement )

Mike) Ability Activate! Flame Twirltex! ( Sarieror spins with his sword out, making a few flames spin with him )

( Sarieror does his best as he spins with his sword and flames around him )

( Heat hits the bronzite encasement making it expand further )

( Flames rub against the trap walls causing them to heat up quickly )

( The bronzite encasement slowly catches on fire )

( Duoptile finishes his quick climb )

Duoptile) Such a nice view...But...*Jumps off mountain peak*

( Douptile flips and points his tail towards the open hole )

Mike) Ultimate Ability Activate! Guardian's Burst! ( Sarieror puts his hand on the pyrus symbol of his sword, releasing a beam of surrounding heat )

( Sarieror charges the heat from his body and encasement into his sword )

( Sarieror aims his sword above hits head and a beam is released )

( The beam crashes into Duoptile )

( Duoptile's tail cuts through the beam easily )

( Sarieror moves away from the hole )

( Duoptile crashes into the hole )

( The encasement breaks )

( Duoptile falls onto the ground with his tail stuck in the burnt ground )

Sarieror) Sleep time! *Picks up a huge piece of the broken encasement*

Duoptile) O_O

( Sarieror smashes the broken bronzite on Duoptile )

( Duoptile returns to his ball form )

Christian vs. Kyle! Episode 57 Part 1/2

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