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Sarieror) Not bad

Crusade Werewerra) Not bad to you either...

Christian) Ability Activate! Coalesce Sharge! ( Crusade Werewerra charges towards the opponent with shards of land following him )

( Werewerra charges towards Sarieror )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burnwave Forceback! ( Sarieror holds his sword in both his hands, generating heat that pushes his opponent away )

( The heated wave holds Werewerra back, while the shards from the ground attack Sarieror )

( Shards attack Sarieror's hands )

( Sarieror lets go of his sword )

( Werewerra continues his charge as shards float and hit Sarieror )

( Shards start digging into Sarieror's armor, piercing his armor )

( Werewerra crashes into an immobilized Sarieror )

( Sarieror falls back )

Christian) Ability Activate! Coalesce Shard! ( All shards from Werewerra's running form into a blast of one huge shard )

( All shards come together as one )

( The giant shard bursts towards Sarieror )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burnover! ( Sarieror's body burns with tremendous heat )

( Sarieror puts his hands out and touches the giant shard )

( The giant shard quickly melts )

Christian) ...

Crusade Werewerra) ...

Christain) Ultimate Ability Activate! Earthly-Saw! ( Crusade Werewerra travels in a saw motion with rocks hovering around him and ground lifting as he moves )

( Werewerra saws towards Sarieror )

( Rocks hover over Werewerra )

( Werewerra stops moving at the heated puddle )

( The hovering rocks drop )

( Werewerra jumps over the puddle and goes back into his saw form )

( Sarieror grabs Werewerra )

( Sarieror squeezes Werewerra )

Crusade Werewerra) X_X

( The heat from Sarieror burns Werewerra )

( Sarieror continues squeezing )

( Werewerra turns to his ball form )

Mike) *Jumps* YES! YES! YES!

Christian) Good game

Mike) Good game to you too, Christian

( Christian walks over and extends his hand )

Mike) *Looks down* =D *Shakes Christian's hand*

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How was Mike's and Christian's match?

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