Three days have gone by, Wolfgang has heard the news about Samantha being that "P" word again and the tournament has been moved into an arena for more spectators. Wolfgang and Samantha are home watching the tournament live.

Mike) ...

( Jane sits down in the front row with Crimson, Nintendo, Alice, her Mom, Wolf, Serenity, Persona, Ray, May, and Crystal )

Christian) Mike...This looks scary, but awesome...

Mike) Yeah...So many people

Christian) I hope we can deliever a clean and great brawl...

Mike) We will

Sarieror) Good luck, Werewerra *Comes out of ball form*

Crusade Werewerra) Good luck to you too, Sarieror *Comes out of ball form*

Mike) Good luck, Christian

Christian) Good luck, Mike

Mike) Anyways...Lets get this started!

Christian) YEAH!

Mike) Ability Activate! Swordsmenship Smash! ( Sarieror does many front flips, then clubs the opponent with his sword )

Christian) Ability Activate! Shock Speed! ( Werewerra charges into his opponent, sending shocks through the opponent's body )

( Sarieror flips and falls towards Werewerra )

( Werewerra jumps out of the way )

( Sarieror's sword crashes into the ground )

( Werewerra charges towards Sarieror )

Mike) Ability ActivatE! Burning Forceback! ( Sarieror creates a barrier of heat that pushes an opponent back )

( Sarieror creates a barrier )

( Werewerra floats into the air and gets pushes back )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burning Slash! ( Sarieror swings his sword, creating a wave of flames with enough energy )

( Sarieror pulls his sword out of the ground )

( Sarieror's sword catches on fire )

( Werewerra continues to fall backwards )

( Sarieror jumps through his barrier and towards Werewerra )

( Werewerra crashes into a barrier wall )

( Sarieror smashes his sword against Werewerra )

( Werewerra struggles to get free )

Christian) Ability Activate! Surface Howl! ( Crusade Werewerra howls with fragments of a landy surface lifting and attacking the opponent )

Crusade Werewerra) AWOOO!!!

Sarieror) ...

( A boulder of land lifts from the ground )

Mike) ...

( The boulder rushes towards Sarieror )

Mike) Behind you! Ability Activate! Guardian Slash #2! ( Sarieror spins with a midsection slash )

( Sarieror jumps off with a flipping kick on Werewerra )

Christian) Ability Activate! Silvermane Headbutt! ( Crusade Werewerra headbutts the opponent with his silver mane )

( Sarieror twists )

( Werewerra jumps off the barrier wall )

( Sarieror faces Werewerra in his twirl )

( Werewerra's hed and mane crash into Sarieror )

( Sarieror crashes through the boulder )

( Werewerra lands on his feet, while Sarieror crashes and rolls into a standing position, on the ground )

Mike vs. Christian! Episode 66 Part 2/2

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