Michael Shraze
Age 14
Gender Male
Race Human (Caucasian)
Home Planet Earth
Hometown Bayview
Occupation Brawler
Family Matthew Shraze (Younger brother)
Unnamed mother
Relationships Serena Amoura (Love interest - Crushed - Present)
Main Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Iron Dragonoid
Meta Dragonoid
Commandix Dragonoid
Chrono Dragonoid
Status Alive

Michael Shraze (Jp: マイケルしゃぜ) is the main protagonist of the Fight Series.





Iron DragonoidEdit

Iron Dragonoid
  • Abilities:
    • Iron Hammer: Iron Dragonoid smashes the opponent to the ground.
    • Iron Reflector: Iron Dragonoid reflects an attack back at the opponent.
    • Dragon Maxus Storm: Iron Dragonoid shoots down like a meteor at the opponent.
    • Dragon Spitter: Iron Dragonoid fires a very small beam at the opponent.
    • Dragon Slayer: Iron Dragonoid fires a giant fireball at the opponent.
  • Appearances:

Meta DragonoidEdit

Meta Dragonoid


  • Michael's last name, "Shraze", comes from the words "shadow" and "blaze", with an "r" replacing the "l" in "blaze".
  • The basics of Michael are based off of GamingFanatic.

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