Shadow MeteonoidEdit


A tiger and helios mixed bakugan. His palms can charge power for attacks.


  • Shadowing Spear- Shadow Meteonoid makes a spear out of darkus energy, that is thrown at his opponent, with the shadow of it the only way to see it
  • Comet of Shadow- A shadowy comet attacks Shadow Meteonoid's opponent
  • Phantom Slash- Shadow Meteonoid slashes the opponent with another slash blasting the opponent
  • Cosmic Showers- A rainbow of colorful comets fall to the ground
  • Shadow Beatings- Shadow Meteonoid beats the opponent down, using the shadows
  • Shadow Fackle- Shadow Meteonoid creates chains that hold an opponent still
  • Ching Black- Chains leaves Meteonoid's palms and wrap around the opponent
  • Darkstruction- Shadow Meteonoid fires a dark comet-like figure from his palms
  • Dark Discussion- Shadow Meteonoid disappears into shadows

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

  • Shadowling Destrobeam- Shadow Meteonoid creates a beam and fires it at its opponent
  • Cosmic Crashbeam- Shadow Meteonoid fires an image of himself, followed by a beam, towards the opponent

Sacred Ability:Edit

  • Shadow Dimensions- Shadow Meteonoid's body disappears into the opponents shadow that swirls like a whirlpool. The opponent gets sucked it, enters a black zone, and comes up in a square pyramid that explodes

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