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Decription: Edit

Has sharp claws with holes in his hands (where his knuckles should be). He has a cloth-like figure on each of his arms to catch the opponent. Nebula Meteonoid's kneecaps are also missing, just empty holes. Meteonoid has an orb-like figure on both of his hands. He's still a tiger and helios mixed bakugan.


  • Nebula Disbody- Nebula Meteonoid's body spreads apart and resembles behind the opponent
  • Galaxy Screech- Nebula Meteonoid screeches with a loud pitch
  • Galictal Junk- Nebula Meteonoid releases black smog and chuck items from his mouth
  • Comet Crush- A comet falls on the opponent
  • Yanked Combustion- Nebula Meteonoid pulls the opponent in his cloth, releasing a black sphere comet at the incoming opponent
  • B-Sphere Comet- Nebula Meteonoid releases a black sphere comet from his palms

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

Sacred Ability:Edit

Tag Abilities:Edit

Ultimate Abilities:Edit

Sacred Ability:Edit

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