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  • OH HEY IS THAT SHIN MEGAMI X FIRE EMBLEM NOPE IT'S A NEW FIRE EMBLEM ...on the 3DS? No Wii U ok. Still cool better be like awakening

    hey guys we love amiibo so we're announcing more of the same amiibo!!! Except for Toad. Also huehuehue you can only have ONE save data sorry you need to buy more amiibos for certain games if you want to keep your save data PLEASE UNDERSTAND

    oh hey guys we're announcing some virtual consol--  I MEAN DOWNLOADABLE WII TITLES no 64 or gamecube please understand.. wait a minute.. GUYS THERE'S METROID PRIME TRILOGY, now we don't have to go to that stupid gamestop that sells one for 1000 dollars

    We're announcing a new pokemon game. No it's not pokemon Z

    guys we're going freemium prepare for everyone to react


    puzzles & dragons + mario (but hey, at least they aren't separate games)

    hyrule warriors dlc okay

    Ssb amiibo wave 4! Ness! Charizard! now I can name my charizard amiibo ridley

    mario party 10 with all these features but we're still keeping that stupid car concept as the main mode

    oh wow project treasure so mysterious/spoopy oh wait it's free too? gimme

    XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X i have no words its beautiful

    FOSSIL FIGHTERS and other indie games nobody cares about

    a good fps? Multiplayer?

    kirby rainbow curse

    ok bye bill nobody cares oh hey reggie

    I'm here to announce something that was leaked NEW 3DS, releasing feb 13 even though japan got it way earlier and we could have released it in october because a new 3DS + a big game = profit right?

    heres a NEW 3DS trailer showcasing every new thing about it.

    Reggie: I was gonna show you new metroid, star fox, and zelda u trailers but i'm gonna waste the rest of the direct talking about NEW 3DS features that you saw in the trailer. Did i mention it has amiibo functionality?

    back to Bill

    Bill: I'm going to talk about an Intelligent Systems game... Paper M--- CODENAME STEAM because you obviously love it right? It's not metroid btw.. Hmm they're saying it's a hybrid of fire emblem and advance wars...

    advance wars...

    advance wars

    oh so you make all these new games but wheres advance wars 3DS and paper mario U?

    can't go wrong with amiibo marth can be playable.. did marth just speak english?

    oh yeah guys we have Xenoblade chronicles 3D to show you!

    Kid: omg for the 3DS?

    sorry for the NEW 3DS kid please understand that we are printing money again

    Oh and it has idols, they look like kid icarus uprising idols!


    kid icarus uprising had swaggy graphics, so does this game... and xenoblade chronicles 3D has idols like Kid icarus? MONOLITH SOFT DEVELOP KID ICARUS UPRISING 2 pls

    Bill: okay we really need to show this new Mewtwo trailer.. gonna show it no--

    Reggie: Can't let you do that bill, talk more about new 3DS, we cannot let them see the things they want.

    Bill: fine.

    MAJORAS MASK 3D.. oh you can do 360 camera? ...Only on the JEW i mean NEW 3DS? please understand

    oh and monster hunter omg feb 13 omg demo yes

    tl;dr: this direct was all about new 3DS

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    • oh yeah and japan direct announced rhythm heaven collection in 3D and more zelda majoras mask 3D info...

      no info on yarn wooly yoshi world, no mario maker, no zelda u, no star fox u, no miyamoto ip

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    • Prediction for E3 2015: Wooly yoshi world, starfox u announcement, zelda u trailer, miyamoto ip (basically the same thing from last E3) only new game is what you've all been waiting for... you've been asking this from retro studios for a long time...


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  • if powersaves now allows you to change forms so you can have a mega kangaskhan holding a life orb...

    mega slowbro holding a leppa berry

    ultimate funbro 

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    • What is this?

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    • gravity falls duh

      so little explaining to be more clear

      near the season finale of gravity falls, an image which people thought was the "real author" was leaked, and the creator of the show, alex "found" out and got mad, he posted about it on twitter and removed the thing so others wouldn't be suspicious. 

      Up until season 2 we found out that the image was fake and that person in the image wasn't the author, but an assistant to the author.

      While we don't know who the author is now, the creator posted this image to prove he was the one who trolled the fans with the image, it was indeed fake.

      also wikias notification system sucks

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    • The author?

      Yeah. I need to catch up with Gravity Falls.

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  • it's almost release day for ORAS, nobody has leaked the game at all, until TPP gets ORAS from Nintendo. The only source of leaking, millions of people are forced to watch hundreds of people play the leaked game.

    what would happen?

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  • (watch the whole thing, you won't get the point if you watch a minute or two)

    yeah you're probably going to say miyamoto is making a new ip but that's only miyamoto watch the video

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  • lol what

    stupid music

    the cutscenes are choppy 

    lots of glitches

    very bland and short (waste of money)

    super low frame rate (they even wouldn't respond if people asked them that question because they are lazy)

    just like sonic 06, this game was rushed

    segas repeating the sanic cycle again

    rip sonic again

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  • We just discovered that our friend was accidently locked in another room since last class and the teacher had forgotten about him. He's now half-an-hour late to his next class.

    No-one can stop laughing.

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  • Noticed you haven't been on for the past six days, everything alright? 

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    • to unlock meta ridley you need to download a update that is 999 billion terabytes
    • to unlock mewtwo have two mews in the battlefield and defeat them both
    • to unlock snake do the konami code
    • to unlock issac buy a 3DS, 3DSXL, 2DS, New 3DS, new 3DS XL and link them all together
    • to unlock ice climbers climb mt everest and send a picture to sakurai so he'll give you a download code
    • to unlock chrom defeat gematsu leaker in a battle
    • to unlock bandana waddle dee, kill pikachu and find a waddle dee to put the bandana on the waddle dee.
    • to unlock king k. rool, defeat rare and microsoft in a tag team battle
    • to unlock chorus kids, sing every song in mankind
    • to unlock pichu, shrink pikachu, you must have unlocked ridley to do this
    • to unlock dr. luigi, scan a year of luigi pin on the nfc and he will be unlocked
    • to unlock waluigi, get 100% in every file in mario 64 ds, enter the weird black door thing, and waluigi will appear and battle you (must link ds to 3DS)
    • to unlock dixie kong, cut palutenas hair
    • to unlock roy, defeat Roy Koopa
    • to unlock squirtle and ivysaur, use a revive on the pokemon trainer
    • to unlock lucas, find a official translated mother 3 and send a picture of it to sakurai for a download code
    • to unlock young link, shrink link, you must have unlocked ridley to do this
    • to unlock toon zelda and sheik, have toon link notice the toon link on the train stage
    • to unlock plusle and minun, beat pokemon plus and minus
    • to unlock Wolf defeat the rock in a wrestling match using Falcos Arwing
    • to unlock shrek collect ogre 9000 onions
    • to unlock master chief break links sword and kill megaman
    • to unlock bomberman make your wii u or 3ds explode
    • to unlock geno send a email to sakurai requesting geno to be in, 99% you won't unlock, -1% he will be unlocked
    • to unlock shadow and tails play sonic 06 666 times (you will unlock both characters at the same time)
    • to unlock krystal defeat wolf 1 million times, is that clear?
    • to unlock goku make mario go super saiyan
    • to unlock sceptile have ivysaur kill pikachu
    • to unlock bayonetta kill the esrb
    • to unlock reggie yell out please understand until your body is not ready to speak anymore
    • to unlock sora and neku have kirby eat Sora Ltd.
    • to unlock zoroark use ditto to copy greninja
    • to unlock ditto make ditto transform into ditto
    • to unlock knuckles get a 8 pack
    • to unlock wolf link and midna defeat miyamoto in a sword battle
    • to unlock ghariamaramiramarrm laugh until majora mask 3DS is released
    • to unlock Kappa, hack twitch and find the download code
    • to unlock Sakurai, never allow ridley to be playable, kill ridley and mewtwo
    • to unlock jaleel white, have swag
    • to unlock tabuu, unlock master hand and crazy hand
    • to unlock master hand and crazy hand, unlock tabuu
    • and finally, to unlock the real ridley, realize this leak is fake.

    except for me having smash bros 4, dr. mario is still op

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