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The Mephisto Brotherhood is the villain organization of the fanfic Bakugan Universal Avengers: Mission Grammaton whose structure is similar to a Mafia organization.

Headquarters: Palladium

Members: ~10 important brawlers, 1000+ employees

Key People: DIO, Izaya Romanov

Notable Members

  • DIO ("Godfather")
  • Gunz Lazar (Haos Brawling Operative)
  • Zack Clay (Subterra Brawling Operative)
  • Ethel Michaels (Ventus Brawling Operative)
  • Genesis Wright (Insider in the Grammaton)

Former Members

  • Antheus Michaels (Deceased, Co-Founder and Father of the Grammaton from 22-19 BMS)


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