Johnny's guardian bakugan.



He has no wings, one head, a long neck, four feet, one tail, and 10 spikes. Each spike can shoot out water. There is a horn on his head.




  • Tatil Wave! ( Mentro creates a tidal wave by swinging his tail )
  • Coiling Defense! ( Mentro coils his body like a snake, hardening his skin )
  • Aqua-Spike! ( Mentro blasts water from his 10 spikes, that attack the opponent )
  • Tail Wash! ( Mentro swings his tail, sending blast of water at the opponent )
  • Blasting Shield! ( Metro brings his body together, like a snake coiling with water blasting from his 10 spikes )
  • Aqua Charge! ( Mentro points his head down as he charges with a field of water around him )

Ultimate Ability:Edit

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