Revenge solves everything.
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Menoetius human form
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Used By Infinity
Gender Male
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Attribute True Darkus
Weaponry Darkus Divider
Family The Nightingales
Title Champion of Darkus
Status Alive


Animus "Menoetius" Simulacrum is a powerful Darkus Helix Dragonoid, Menoetius dominates the battlefield with ruthless fighting. He doesn't care about what's fair or honor, crushes anything in his way without a second thought, and is extremely cruel. He takes no pity on his opponents, only caring for his "family".

He has control over many Darkus powers, and is one of the few Bakugan who have the true Darkus attribute. He can also transform into Existere when needed.


Menoetius is ferocious and quick to anger. He only treats his "family" slightly friendly, and sees everyone else as either a victim or a distraction.  It is near to impossible to find him helping others or catch him off guard.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Note: Menoetius has many smaller powers that are not listed on here.

  • ​Deception: Menoetius can bend the power of Darkus to decieve his opponents, through illusions, distractions, and more.
  • Blink: Menoetius can rapidly traverse distances in an instant, without being detected, by going into the Void and escaping out of it a second later, in a different location.
  • Shadowcloak: Menoetius can use a cloak-like armor to protect himself. Ranged attacks can disappear into the armor itself and find themselves in the Void.
  • Void Weaponry: Menoetius can summon many ethereal shadow weapons, mostly a bow named the Darkus Divider. Summoning them takes less than a second, so Menoetius can quickly switch between weapons.

Ability CardsEdit

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

Darkus Revenge CardsEdit

Battling StyleEdit



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