Matthew Shraze
Age 13
Gender Male
Race Human (Caucasian)
Home Planet Earth
Hometown Bayview
Occupation Brawler
Family Michael Shraze (Older brother)
Relationships N/A
Main Attribute Darkus Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Cyclone Percival
Shadow Percival
Status Alive

Matthew (Jp: マシューしゃぜ) is a protagonist in the Fight Series.




Matthew can sometimes act crazy to an extent, but he can be shown to be a reliable friend and trustworthy, always helping out his friends when needed. He is also basically a caretaker for Nathan, as he (Sometimes) calms him down when he starts to go insane.


Cyclone PercivalEdit

Cyclone Percival
  • Abilities:
    • Dark Gunner: Percival fires lasers at the opponent.
    • Dark Disc: Percival fires a purple disc at the opponent.
    • Dark Shield: Percival makes a shield out of darkness to protect himself from the opponent's attack.
    • Dark Combo: Percival unleashes a combo of punches at the opponent.
  • Appearances:


  • Matthew's last name, "Shraze", comes from the words "shadow" and "blaze", with an "r" replacing the "l" in "blaze".
  • The basics of Matthew are based off of Darkness Pizza.

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