Master24) Ability Activate! Crocrath! ( Crocock goes on a rampage, beating the opponent down )

Littleseed) Ability Activate! Feathery Protection! ( Feathera's body becomes protected by feathers )

( Crocock smashes into Feathera, banging his head, causing the feathery shield to break up )

Master24) Ability Activate! Sticky Sand! ( Crocock releases sand from his body, decreasing his weight )

( Sand pours on Feathera, holding her down )

Master24) Ability Activate! Crocashile! ( Crocock jumps into the air and smashes his body into the opponent )

( Crocock jumps into the air and falls down, head first )

Littleseed) Double Ability Activate! Thorny Body! ( Feathera's body becomes thorny ) + Thorn Growth! ( Feathera makes the thorns grow )

Master24) Ability Activate! Sandy Blast! ( Crocock releases sand from his body, making him weight less and he uses it to attack his opponent )

( The sandy blast crashes into the thorns, but the thorns still show and grow )

Crocock) I'M SCREWED!

( Crocock lands on the thorns and turns to his ball form )

10 minutes later...

Poshi) Ability Activate! Waving Wave! ( Wavafanac creates a wave that looks like it's waving, confusing and messing with the opponent's vision )

Acended Helios) o_O *Grows dizzy and sees blurs*

C22Helios) Ability Activate! Acended Blaze-last! ( Acended Helios creates a beam of fiery energy )

Acended Helios) Oh...Lady Heat, please protect the visionless bakugan...

Lady Heat) NO! *Punches Acended Helios*

Acended Helios) O_O IT WORKED! I CAN SEE!

( Acended Helios fires a beam through the wave )

Poshi) Ability Activate! Wavafanac's Aquablaze! ( Wavafanac covers her body in blue blazing waters and charges towards the opponent )

( Wavafanac charges into the beam and cuts through it )

( The beam dies and Wavafanac keeps moving )

C22Helios) Ability Activate! Flaming Drill-Cut! ( Ascended Helios flies forward, spinning, which sends his opponent into the ground multiple times. Then his opponent recieves an uppercut )

( Wavafanac gets caught, smashed, uppercutted, and gets smashed again, turning into her ball form )

10 more minutes later...

DQ) Ability Activate! T-Rex Swipe! ( Terrex swings his tail )

( Trees fall as Flarier turns to her crashes into a rocky wall )

Pink) ...

DQ) Ability Activate! Terrorious Squish! ( Terrex charges into the opponent smashing them against an object )

( Terrex charges, stomping and breaking logs )

Pink) Ability Activate! Sunshine Flash! ( Flarier flashes, blinding the opponent )

( Terrex's small eyes get blind )

( Flarier moves from the wall )

( Terrex crashes into the wall )

Pink) Ultimate Ability Activate! Burning Flashbrigth! ( Flarier's body glows as she charges into opponent with a surrounding beam of light, that burns the opponent )

DQ) Ability Activate! Terrex Cruchimuchies! ( Terrex bites the opponent )

( Terrex turns around and bites Flarier )

Terrex) O_O

( Terrex slams Flarier into the wall )

( Flarier turns to her ball form and returns to Pink )


Scar vs. Darkusfan, Airzel vs. Winner! Episode 14

Grade of Master 24 vs. Littleseed, Poshi vs. C22Helios, and Pink vs. DQ! Episode 13?

The poll was created at 00:57 on February 28, 2012, and so far 1 people voted.

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