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Your arrogance will be your downfall


Debut TBA
Used By Kodo
Type Pyrus Mars
Gender Male
G-Power 2500 G
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Theme Song TBA
Main Adversaries Unknown
Main Allies Kodo, Omega Robotallion, Cyborg Avior, Droid, More...
Close Relationships TBA
Mechtogan None
Mechtogan Titan None
Battle Gear None
Fate Alive

Mars is Omega Robotallion's Mechtogan.



Mars has large, razor sharp arms that are covered in a special poison. When it enters the opponents blood stream, their blood will begin to boil, before turning into burning, hot lava, incinerating them in minutes. He is covered in Cannons and lasers, ready to obliterate his enemies on a moments notice. He is know to be able to contol molten lava, using it to burn his opponent or even as a shield for his body.


Despite being named after the God of War, Mars is actually quite passive, He will gladly fight anyone who opposes his Master, but generally doesn't like to fight, similar to Robotallion. He is brave and heroic but also has a mean streak. He enjoys to watch bad Bakugan suffer from the effects of his poison and doesn't show any regret.



Omega Robotallion spawned him in an intense training session against Cyborg Avior. Robotallion was able to control him instanly and the two worked well together, quickly taking down Avior. It was later discovered that Kodo's other Bakugan where able to spawn Mars but it took up more of there energy and they couldn't sustain him for long.

Bakugan: Olympian WarEdit

Notable QuotesEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Special Abilities and TechniquesEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Magma Cannon: Nullifies all abilities and gate effect's that the opponent has used on the user's Bakugan no matter the circumstances. This ability cannot be countered in anyway.
  • Planet Crasher: Transfers 400 Gs from the all opponents (Including Support pieces) to Mars.
  • Poison Magma: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities no matter the circumstances and they may not be used again.
  • Land Impact: Only Aquos Bakugan can effect the user's Bakugan.


  • He is named after Mars, the Roman God of War.


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