Mari0 is a upcoming fan-fiction made by Zie, it is mostly a horror like fic, viewer destrection or whatever you call it advised.


Years later in Mario's life, he finally kills Bowser once and for all, he marries Princess Peach and has a son named Mauro. Luigi also marries Daisy, and has a son named Louis. Later after Mauro was borned, when he turned about, 13 years old, his father, Mario, became corrupted, and murdered his wife, Peach, he enslaved the entire Mushroom Kingdom and became it's ruler, Mauro sneaked off to later live with his cousin, Louis, the two find out that Louis' mother, Daisy was killed as well by Mario. Luigi then tells Mauro and Louis that they must stop his brother. Just so things could get worse, Bowser is revived by a older Bowser Jr and the Koopalings.

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