Created & Directed By Ezio Editore da California
Network PyrusLords Wiki
Original Run Ongoing

Manifesters (マニペスタース, Manipesutaasu) is an upcoming series created by Ezio Editore da California. It is currently unknown how many episodes or seasons will be in the series. It will be airing on the channel, Pyrus Lords Wiki.


One hundred years later, the age of Bakugan ended. With that ending people wanted to keep the fun going. There was a temple in China called "Brawlin Temple". A former brawler that lived in this temple one day decided to meditate and reach his spirit, to where he discovered that humans too have attributes, and are able to fight by manifesting their spirit into reality. This former brawler's name was Hu Zhong, and he was the leader of the temple. He spread it throughout the world and over Live TV, and taught former Brawlers how to reach their spirits too. Former Brawlers all over the world were using this power to manifesting their spirit, but there were people who were planning to use their Spirit Manifestation for evil. Hu Zhong predicting this would happen, passed on his legacy to his son, Lin Wang; giving him ownership and leadership of the Brawlin Temple and passing on the duty of keeping peace in the world, with the newly found power. Lin Wang accepting this legacy now trains with his friends and the Elite Manifesters at "Manifest Temple" -- which was formerly Brawlin Temple -- preparing for any evil that might rise and to keep his skills up in Manifesting for tournaments and challengers. Now instead of giving Bakugan commands, the people now used their self to fight, but not with their bodies...with their spirits. These are the Manifesters!



  • Lin Wang Pyrus: He is the main protagonist of the series and the leader of Brawlin Temple. He is discoverer and founder of Spirit Manifestation. His Spirit Manifestation if Pyrus Giraffee. 
  • Yung Lee Darkus: He is Lin Wang's best friend and is the Vice Leader of the Brawlin Temple. His Spirit Manifestation is Darkus Lizerta.
  • Ming-Ming: She is also a friend of Lin Wang and trains personally with him. Although not a Manifester, she travels with Lin Wang and the others, to cheer them on and be with them on their various adventures.
  • Xiao Chin Haos: He too is friends with Lin Wang and a member of the Brawlin Temple Main Squad. His Spirit Manifestation is Haos Virgo.

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