Magmius is an attribute that gives volcanic immunity to Magmius Bakugan. Their color is usually more dark than regular Bakugan.

Magmius PyrusEdit

Pyrus Bakugan belonging to the Magmius commonly gain an additional resistance to regular Pyrus abilities.MagmiusPyrus

Bakugan belonging to Magmius PyrusEdit

Magmius AquosEdit

Aquos Bakugan belonging to Magmius commonly have the ability to add magma to the Aquos abilities. MagmiusAquos

Bakugan belonging to Magmius AquosEdit

Magmius HaosEdit

Haos Bakugan belonging to Magmius are commonly covered in light and their appearance is sometimes greatly altered by being Magmius Haos.


Bakugan that belong to Magmius HaosEdit

Magmius SubterraEdit

Magmius VentusEdit

Magmius DarkusEdit

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