Lucario (FLW) belongs to Dash Cindersmon!
Lucario (FLW)
Lucario Artwork
Nickname(s) "The Aura Pokemon"
"Definition of Heroic"
Affiliation Face
Gimmick Lucario
Wrestling Style Brawling Powerhouse
Signature(s) Force Palm
Aura Sphere
Finisher(s) High Jump Kick
Debut Has not debuted yet
Trainer Dash Cindersmon
Gender Male
Weight 219 pounds
Height 6 feet
Level 74
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Lucario, the Aura Pokémon, is the evolved form of Riolu. By sensing the aura of his opponents, Lucario can read their thoughts and anticipate their movements. He is able to sense the feelings of others over a half a mile away through their auras and is difficult to fool. Lucario is a formidable opponent with sharp agility and untouched strength. Upon occasions, Lucario may emerge as Mega Lucario.


Rather than always blocking and countering, Lucario tends to take a lot of punishment. He may be unable to stand, but he never feels desperation and tends to keep calm in direr situations.

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Commonly Used Maneuvers (with desc.):Edit

  • Circle Throw (Two-Handed Choke Toss) - Lucario grabs the opponent's neck with both his hands, then spins the opponent and tosses him or her.
  • Zen Headbutt (Headbutt) - Lucario strikes his opponent with his head.
  • Quick Attack (Running Clothesline) - Lucario quickly holds his arm out, before his arm makes impact with an opponent's chest or neck.
  • Extreme Speed (Running Shoulder Block) -
  • Dual Chop (Backhand Chops) - Lucario chops the opponent's chest with the back of his hand twice.
  • Cross Chop (Cross Chop) -
  • Counter - Any reversal Lucario performs to an opponent's attempted maneuver.
    • Side Roll
    • Push
    • Palm Strike
  • Copycat (Mimic) - Lucario imitates his opponent's taunt and moves.
  • Bone Rush (Variation of Strikes) - Lucario delivers punches, kicks, headbutts, elbow smashes, and forearm smashes to an opponent.
  • Sky Uppercut (European Uppercut) - Lucario delivers a forearm uppercut to an opponent.
  • Blaze Kick (Roundhouse Kick) - Lucario quickly lifts his right or left leg to kick the back of his opponent's head.
  • Ice Punch (Punch with Ice) - Lucario grabs ice and punches his opponent.
  • Secret Power -
  • Close Combat (Mounted Punches) -
    • Corner 10 Count Punches - When an opponent is in a corner, Lucario gets onto the middle ropes and punches the opponent ten times.


  • Force Palm (Palm Strike) -
  • Aura Sphere (Diving Somersault Senton) -


  • High Jump Kick (Running Savate Kick) -


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