*makes a squeaky grunting sound*

Nickname(s) Lon, Dino
Gender Male
Role Hero
Team Team Animal Spirit
Partner(s) Panda, Tommi, Talonscar
Ability(-ies) Super speed
Weapon(s) Horn, claws, teeth

Lon-Lon is a dinosaur warrior in Figure 10: Digital Rev. Being part of the Real World Troops, he is a member of Team Animal Spirit with his partners being Panda, Talonscar, and his brother Tommi


Lon-Lon was born to two scientifically revived anthropomorphic dinosaurs who can talk. Lon-Lon is stll somewhat young so he can't fully talk yet. He is the brother of Tommi who his family adopted. He obviously has no fighting skills but is able ram and claw.


Lon-Lon is a short, stubby dinosaur with a big head and big feet. His scales are orange except for his underbelly is dark brownish leathery skin. His feed have huge claws. He also a short horn on head. Lon-Lon, on his back, is equipped with several spikes.


Lon-Lon always seems to get into accidents and is a very clumsy dino. He always totters and stumbles. He tries to act very tough and strong but seems to fail in the process, but his friends know he is trying his best.


He has no special abilities, but he can speak somewhat of English. He is noted for be able to run as super fast speeds, but he usually seems to trip. He is equipped with honed claws, horn, and teeth.

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