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Debut IV
Used By Clint Kalik
Gender Male
G-Power 820 G
Attribute Ventus Ventus
Title N/A
Status Alive
Weaponry N/A
Close Relationships N/A
Main Adversaries N/A
Main Allies N/A

Loki is a Ventus Helix Dragonoid used by Clint Kalik.


A master of trickery, Loki is not always who he appears to be. Although he can have the appearance of any being, there are still noticeable differences, such as eye color, between Loki and the true being.


Loki often has dark, cynical thoughts. Nonetheless, he is notorious for pranking unsuspecting victims. He is lighthearted, never taking anything seriously.


  • Fool's Demise
  • Trickster's Aura
  • Pseudo Mask - Used before Loki is rolled. Until Loki loses 600 Gs from an opponent's abilities, Loki gains the appearance and abilities of a Bakugan on his team. During this time, however, Loki cannot use his own abilities.


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