5 minutes later...

Wolfgang) *Staring at the camera* Okay, I know you guys hate repeats, but...That's what's going to happen for right now...

Reporter) Do you expect the tournament to continue?

Wolfgang) I've felt like the tournament is over, but I have to say, it hasn't started.

Reporter) So...Is that a yes?

Wolfgang) What do you think?

Reporter) So...What's your discussion about Kyuubi's and Nintendo's status?

Wolfgang) That they deserve more...Just, I'm not giving them another match...I'm go-

Reporter) You're keeping them both out! THAT'S SO UNFAIR!

Wolfgang) And I was talking...

Reporter) *Face turns red* Oh...

Wolfgang) Well...Nintendo and Kyuubi are going straight to the finals for the Legend's tournament. This means that either PG or Nuza will also be involved. There's more too, either DQ, Airzel, Bendo, or me will be in the finals too, so...A four way match...

Reporter) But there isn't enough room, it's suppose to be a two man match...

Wolfgang) I don't care, they deserve it...

Reporter) Then you'll be de-

Wolfgang) Hey, Nintendo!

( Nintendo walks pass Wolfgang in silence with his head down )

Wolfgang) *Walks beside Nintendo* Nintendo, good news...

( Nintendo keeps walking )

Wolfgang) You're going to the finals of the Legends' tournament and...Roxanoid is-

( Nintendo covers his ears and keeps walking, while Wolfgang stops )

Wolfgang) ...

Mike) *Walks by Wolfgang* Hi Wolfgang

Wolfgang) Bye Mike...

( Nintendo's wife walks by with Alice )

Wolfgang) *Walks beside Nintendo's wife* Hey...Can you tell Nintendo to watch the news channel tonight at...*Looks at the reporter*

Reporter) *Lips* 11pm

Wolfgang) At 11pm *Looks away from the reporter* There is something he needs to hear...

Nintendo's Wife) I'll try...*Walks faster*

Alice) *Looks at Wolfgang and waves* Bye Wolfgang, tell Jenna I said "bye" too...

Wolfgang) Bye and I will...*Stops walking and turns to the reporter* And one more thing...

Reports Tell! Episode 24

Grade of Listening Mistake! Episode 23?

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