A list of episodes, the first arc is episodes 1-26, the second is 27-52.

Episode ListEdit

Episode Name Summary Episode Number
The Day Of New Beginnings A boy named Zero Surai and his partner, Pyrus Searing Dragonoid lives in Bakugan City, he goes to school there with his friends Shinobi Kossori and Mary Enkai, they meet a new friend named Akie Shinto, who owns Haos Akisune, who has trouble defeating a big bully named Rex, Zero assists Akie after his loss, and he uses his new skills to defeat Rex in a battle. 1
The Zephyros Of Storms Zero battles his friend/rival in a big duel, its Draco vs Zephyros, they go head on, the winged serpent vs the burning dragon. The two attack with the most greatest clashes in Bakugan history, the two powerful beasts create a massive explosion after using their greatest attacks, making everyone shocked, the winner is none other than the Brawler Of Flames, Zero. Shinobi congradulates Zero and tells him that he will win in the next fight. 2
Apophis, The Sea Snake 3
Triple Trouble 4
The King Of Mountains 5
Into Evil Lands 6
Two Of A Kind 7
Defeated Dragon 8
Seeking Darteon 9
Trials Of Fate 10
Sword Of Fire 11
The Dog Of Demolition 12
Battle Of Battles 13
Fire And Darkness 14
Destroy Munikis 15
Impregnable 16
Bits & Pieces 17
Assault 18
Monster Mash 19
Light Vs Dark 20
Fated Fight 21
Full House 22
First Strike 23
Unseen & Unleashed 24
Final Showdown 25
Heart 26
True Evil 27
Mysterious Visitor 28
Sivac Strikes 29
Stand Up 30
Tests & Trials 31
Earth Rise 32
Shark Bait 33
Wind Soul 34
The Cry Of Light 35
Past, Present, Future 36
Flame On 37
The Ultimate Test 38
Crestfallen 39
Second Impact 40
Apexeon 2 41
The Hollow Solution 42
Vengeance 43
Dark Geminon 44
Entrusted Faith 45
Breaking Darkness 46
Zythia, The Demon Beast 47
Countdown To Chaos 48
Dartrion Vs Zythia 49
Battle For The World 50
Dragonborn 51
Endgame 52

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