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Episode 41: Doctor WhorridianEpisode 42: Guys We Need To Beet MistyEpisode 43: One Plus OneEpisode 44: TBAEpisode 45: The FillerEpisode 46: Partylista 2.0: The SequelEpisode 47: The World EndsEpisode 48: Lebron In The Sky With BakuganEpisode 49: Game of StoresEpisode 50: Sense Of RightEpisode 51: Illuminati: DanksdayEpisode 52: The Show Must Go On
Episode Description Airdate
Episode 40: Dimension Of Disaster The gang winds up in an alternate dimension, where it is ruled by Grover, numerous events happen where the gang never met Falco, a different ending to Game of Trolls, and more.
After the season premiere, Matt Smith is stuck in Bakugan City, the gang meets Horridian, a scientist who is well known for time travel, but the gang ends up altering time!
Leoness sneaks into Nintendo HQ to find E3 information and finds the next Pokemon game is virtual reality, he enters and meets Misty, but when Misty escapes from her world the gang must grow crops... wait what?
The gang meets twins, Sky, & Gaia.
Jim from episode 17 is revealed to be alive, and he has become perverted, he carries around a Ken doll. He's out for revenge.
A filler episode.
Balista has another party.
After a heated argument, the gang starts a war that will end the world.
The gang enter a basketball competition.
The gang return to where they met Falco.
The gang teams up with the Sense of Right team to stop Plei Toi.
The asian teacher needs the gangs help.

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