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Linus Claude
Linus Claude
Gender Male
Status Alive
Enemies Sapphire
Allies Pieru


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A Pyrus Neathian brawler, Linus flew up the ranks of the Neathian army after many Recon missions where he succesfully led his small squadron to fight off Gundalians that did not accept the peace, all the while helping out lost Neathians and leading them back home. He is also famous for developing several Neathian weapons and equipment for Bakugan.



  • Pyrus Rubanoid
    • Gold Destrakon Gear
    • Pyrus Impalaton
  • Various Mechanical Ramdols


  • Red Klaue: A claw-like weapon, it has blades made out of Pyrus energy. This makes it so it burns the target whenever it slices through them.
  • Electro Whip: A Neathian take on the original Vestal Electro Whip, this one is a small handle that is on Linus' armor, which when activated by a button produces a whip made out of energy.
  • Volcano: A double-barrled pistol that shoots small, slow missile like bullets, that when explode make a huge fireball. It can also switch bullets to fire Incendiary ammunition.

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